Roy and Dora Whitman Academy Employment Form

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  • B. Personal Information

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  • Please list chronologically all children living with the family, including their birthdate, and whether or not they will be attending Whitman Academy:

  • C. Professional Qualifications

    Education (please list the most recent school first)

  • Teaching Experience

    (If less than two years of teaching experience, please include student teaching information)

  • Other Work Experience

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  • D. Credentials, Training & Philosophy

    Education Credentials

  • If you are hired, you must bring a copy of your certification or license and any other diplomas with you. Diplomas are needed in order to confirm your work permit and residency visa.

  • E. Christian Life

  • F. Criminal History

  • G. References

    List below references who can testify as to your character and professional abilities. Include one from your principal, one from a fellow teacher, and one from a parent (if possible).

  • Please list your supervising teacher if student teaching was finished within the last five years:

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