You have already created a contact form on your FormGet dashboard. So now follow the steps to receive an entry into your form.

Important point : You can first check your contact form is successfully working or not by making a new entry on your form by itself. Moreover, you get an mail alert with the receive of every new entry.

For that go to your contact form which is listed in FormGet dashboard and click on VIEW FORM

view form

Your contact form is opened now. Fill all the respective fields and then click on the Submit button.

 submit contact form

As soon as you click on the Submit button, the following message appears on the screen.

form submitted

Moreover, you receive an mail alert on your desired account.

received email notification

So now you can easily go to your FormGet dashboard to view the received entry and make a reply to it. For that click on ENTRIES  appear on the FormGet dashboard.

view your entriesentries

This how the notification for new entry appears on your FormGet dashboard.

new entry

You can now conclude from the above steps that your contact form is working properly.

So you can easily embed this contact form on the pages, posts, and sidebar of your website in order to receive an entry from your customers.

The above steps are very simple to use. I hope you will definitely embed the contact form on your website and make your website more interactive.