Business organization are well known about the fact that how marketing directly relates to the sales. Hence, business organization have used marketing services to boost their marketing strategy and therefore, invested an enormous amount in it.

Now, what next is to – “ Reduce time spent administering marketing programs and completing tasks.”

And to do so, various marketing automation services have begun up through which you can automate marketing task and raise your efforts in building the relationship with customers and leads. 

Which marketing automation solution is best?

Well talking about the present scenario, there are a several marketing automation vendors available on the market that are serving marketing automation platforms and software.

So, here  I have jotted down 11 Best Marketing Automation Solutions that are best in providing marketing automation tools. 

1. MailGet Bolt – Send Free Automated Emails 

Sending automated email campaigns saves a lot of time and efforts of any organizations who sends the bulk of emails to their customers.

MailGet Bolt, a powerful email marketing automation software allows sending automatic and self-triggered emails which increase the communication opportunity with customers, enhance user engagement and you would be able to reach to your client’s inbox.

See the following features of MailGet Bolt automation software –

  • Send automatic and self-regulating welcome emails to your subscribers.
  • You can also forward the triggered based campaigns based on the subscriber’s activity.
  • It provides a special tracking functionality by which you will be able to analyze all your previously sent campaign reports.
  • List management & cleaning are also the prominent features of MiaGet Bolt software.
  • You can also send series of emails by scheduling and drip emailing.


Try Mailget Bolt for free and get 300 emails per day & 300*30 = 9000 emails free for the entire month.

After that, you can go with any plan based on your requirement ranging from $7.37 for 10,000 emails to 1,20,000 for $66/ month.

Quickly Grab The Offer & Send 9k Emails Totally Free!

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2. MailGet

MailGet is an email marketing service provider that lets you create and send emails in bulk.

MailGet includes features such as email builder, API integration, list management, multiple SMTP connections, etc. with which effective email marketing can be executed. The prominent part with MailGet is that you will find best automation features within their services.


MailGet step towards automation has introduced following automation features –

Pricing – Cheap and affordable marketing service provider with 3 subscription plans namely- $24 per month plan,  $49 per month plan and $79 per month plan. Along with that, it has yearly subscription plans also.

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3. SAS Institute

SAS Institute is another best marketing automation providers for small business and mid-sized business that provide business intelligence software for analytics purposes. Through their automation tools, any business can run marketing campaigns and maintain an intimate relationship with the customer.SAS Institute

SAS marketing automation software has following automation features –

  • Visual Data Exploration
  • Powerful Analytics System
  • Social Marketing
  • Embedded Data Management system to manage customer’s data
  • Multi-channel management
  • Visitor tracking system

Pricing –  You need to contact them to know their pricing plans.

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4. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is another one amongst marketing automation solutions, which has enabled some great automation features in their services.  Their principal motto is to increase the revenue potential of their users by providing the good automation services. 



SendinBlue is providing following automation features 

  • Campaign Tracking
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Responsive Landing Pages
  • Transactional Messaging
  • API, Plugins & Integrations
  • Marketing Automation System

Pricing – SendinBlue provides you with a free trial option where you can send 9,000 emails/month. Various monthly plans are also available in SendinBlue such as – INR443.65 per month plan, INR2,343 per month plan, INR3,960 per month plan and so on.

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5. SharpSpring

SharpSpring presents an best marketing automation platforms through which any business can increase their functionality as well as performance.
Keeping in mind of automation, SharpSpring gives a formative stage for any business to use their automated services for enhancing marketing efforts.SharpSpring

Following automation features SharpSpring includes –

  • Email and Text Alerts
  • Multiple Device Tracking system to know which device contact uses
  • Dynamic contents in emails
  • Schedule emails trigger
  • Dynamic list that automatically updates its contacts
  • Lead Nurturing by sending automated emails

Pricing –  You need to place a quote to know about pricing plans.

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6. SimplyCast

SimplyCast provides a customer-oriented platform and software for marketing and multi-channel communication to business organizations. Their primary goal is to help an organization to reach their customer at any cost and has integrated automation to develop out an active communication channel.SimplyCast

SimplyCast has cast many automation features in their services, some of which are as follows –

  • Email marketing for sending emails in bulk
  • Data Input Automation by which new data gets automatically added up
  • Lead nurturing
  • Customizable selection fields
  • Automated invitations and reminders for users
  • Time filters system uses specific time for communications
  • Third-party CRM integration  

Pricing – Simply Cast gives various subscription offers to users. Their subscription plans vary from $99 per month to $499 per month. Yes, they provide a user with 14-day free trial option also.

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7. SalesManago

SalesManago, a Poland-based solution is one of the best in class marketing automation solution for digital marketers. Their user-friendly and easy to use services are majorly preferred by E-Commerce sites, B2B business, B2C business and retailers for their marketing strategies.


SalesManago marketing automation features are as follows –

  • Email marketing
  • Real-time content personalisation by analyzing the current behavior of the user
  • Automated greeting and drip programs for lead nurturing
  • Lead Management to easily manage your available contacts
  • ROI tracking
  • Predictive Marketing allows you to estimate future trends

Pricing – SalesManago has 2 plan for users- Basic and Elite. For using basic plan, they charge approx. $199 whereas in Elite plan they take around $1499.

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8. SalesFusion

SalesFusion is a marketing automation tool that aids business organization that are trying to spread their business through marketing. SalesForce provides an affordable, fully functional and easy to manage marketing platform that promotes business to double their sales and revenues.


Some key automation features are –

  • ROI reporting system
  • Nurture Relationships to get new leads
  • Synchronize all marketing activities
  • Website Tracking system to keep a view of the visitors
  • Multi-session events, an
  • Automated initiation system for communicating with customers

Pricing –  SalesFusion comes with two unique pricing options. For a database size of 10,000 contacts they charge around $950 per month and extra cost with an increase in contact.

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9. Net-Result

Net-Result is one of the powerful as well as an integrated marketing automation in the digital marketing field. Their world class automation system for marketing is generally used by various mid-sized organizations and companies.


They provide a variety of automation functions and tools. Some of them are as follows –

  • Intelligent campaigns to conduct the message flow with precision
  • Advanced Lead Scoring to Identify new leads
  • Smartlist Automation System for list management
  • Website Visitor’s Reporting System

Pricing – They have “One Price, Use All Feature” policy. For contacts around 25,000, they take $800 per month. The pricing goes on decreasing with increase in contacts.

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10. Act-On

Act-On is a comprehensive and fully furnished marketing automation platform that was established to help modern business marketing. It is all in one marketing software platform that offers all the automation features through which successful marketing can be done.


Following marketing automation features, ActOn holds –

  • Email marketing to send email in large number
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing machine for automated marketing programs and task
  • Lead nurturing by systematically contacting prospects

Pricing -Act-On charges accordingly to the number of active connections. They have two pricing plan by which namely- Professional plan, which cost around $660 per month and an Enterprise that takes $2200 per month.

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11. MindMatrix

MindMatrix claims to have the robust and best marketing automation software. Their platform provides a complete integration or more precisely a perfect fusion of sales with marketing. Their platform focuses more on marketing automation features and therefore embedded various automation features.

Automation features that MindMatrix offers are –

  • Keeping view of marketing campaigns and efficiently handling it
  • Smarter prospecting tools for new leads
  • Multi-channel marketing automation to have presence on every marketing platform
  • Accurate Lead scoring to focus on marketing effort
  • Efficiently tracking marketing effectiveness

Pricing – MindMatrix pricing starts around $300 per month for one company depending upon a number of contacts.

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Hopefully, you are now aware of marketing automation services and which service is best among these best top 11 marketing automation software. Choose the one that is suited to your business and enjoy their services.

Give a try to MailGet, since they are cheap and best one among all the marketing automation solutions.

Any services left out.? Comment out in space provided below. 🙂