Are you are a blog lover and own some of your best blogging sites on Bloggers/Blogspot?

If yes, then don’t you want that more of the blog readers should connect you and sign up on your blogs.

Here is a smart way to put a contact form on your Blogspot sites.


Put Sliding Forms To Connect Your Audience on Blogspot Site

Sliding forms are button encapsulated form. This Sliding Forms button is visible on the top right side of the screen. When someone clicks on the button, the form will appear right in front of the reader and he can easily share his feedback on the form or connect with you easily.

So, when a person reads your blog and want to communicate with you through your blog, he can easily do it with the help of Sliding forms. You can easily create Sliding form via FormGet application.


How To Make Sliding Form Using FormGet And how to Insert the forms on Blogspot site


  • Login to your FormGet account.
  • Create a new form by clicking on to Create New Form option.
  • Add the required fields in your form.




  • Go To FormGet’s Dashboard -> Embed Form option.



  • You will be redirected to a page where you will see form embed codes in three groups.
  • Click on Embed Sliding Form.
  • And do the required changes as per your wish, and copy the code.





Login to your Blogspot account. You can login with the help of your gmail account.

Once you are on your Blogspot dashboard, click on HTML option.

HTML option on blogspot


  • Paste the form code snippet in the HTML section as shown below.
  • Click on save button located at the extreme right side of your Blogspot dashboard.


form script inside the div

Screen View:

You can see the final result of Sliding contact form on your Blogspot site as shown below.

Sliding contact form

The form is visible in the form of button. And, if a reader clicks on the button, he can see the form as shown below.

contact form

Why it is purposeful to put Sliding Forms on your Blogspot’s blog site?

  • As Tabbed forms are visible to readers at an one view, your readers can connect with you easily.
  • You can generate 5 times more leads from every blog on your Blogspot site.
  • Besides, it is the most easiest method of putting contact forms on your site. 

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