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Just create your contact form in few simple steps.

Step #1 Click on Create Form appear on your FormGet dashboard.

create new form

Step #2 Click on those fields that you want to add into your contact form.

add required form fields to form

Step #3 You can edit the title, description, submit button text on your contact form. Moreover redirect user to any page by giving url in the Form Redirect URL.

edit contact form

Step #4 You can edit any form field by just click on it and made changes in the Field Label, Field Instruction etc. You can see in the image given below which shows editing of name field of the contact form. In the same way you can edit other fields also.

edit form fields

Step #5 After successfully updating the form fields according to your choice. Now click on the Save Form.

save form

Step #6 Your form appears on the FormGet dashboard as you can see in the image given below.

contact form on dashboard

Step #7 You can view the form by click on the VIEW FORM.

view created form

Step #8 This is how your Contact form appears on the website.

contact form

Moreover, you can also view this contact form on any social media website like Facebook, Google+ by just copy the link of the form and share it on any platform you want.

copy form link

Hope the above steps will help you to create your contact form successfully. If you have any problems regarding this tutorial,  you can post your comments below.