Website with a contact form is not worthful until and unless it is not featured with a validation rules.

Now why this form validation is necessary??

Over the time we feel irritated when we look at the form submissions that we recieve from our web forms and find out that many of our leads have not filled up the mandatory details.

For example, a form that is used to capture leads for your drip campaign is of no use untill your site visitors will not fill necessary details i.e. in this case email id.
So to avoid this, built-in form validation feature is been offered by FormGet.

The advantage is that you can add those data validation rules directly form your form builder page.

validate form

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For instance, we will see one of the built-in validation supported by FormGet let say email validation:-

So, whenever user enters the wrong email address, your form will not accept it and will show an error as shown above.

Thus, your user will instantly come to know, they have entered wrong email and they will correct it. In this way you can prevent invalid and useless entries on your forms.

Apart form this you can also able to limit the user input to specific information like text box, phone numbers, address etc.

Some of the Validation types offered:

  • Email Validation
  • Limit input to specific information
  • Can mark the field as required.
  • Form Captcha Validation

This Validation process is very simple and easy to use with FormGet.