Since a few weeks our team was busy in deploying more interactive interface and adding more features into FormGet.

The enhanced version of our Form Builder is more user friendly and requires less time and intelligence from the user side.

Also we have enhanced the compatibility of FormGet and included more responsive features to give a better user experience across all browsers and devices.

Take a look at new wonderful things we added to it.

Changes Made In Form Builder

Date and File Upload Buttons In New Design

Icons added to date and file upload buttons that make the two form fields more impressive.

file upload and date change in form

Drag & Drop Effects

That is how it requires less effort from a user to understand that he can drag and drop the form fields and rearrange them in desired way. As soon as the user takes the cursor over form fields the fields are surrounded with a visual effect expressing that they are ready to move.


Form Exit Time Notification

Chances of losing unsaved changes in your form are minimum. If you have any unsaved changes and you exit the window, you’ll see a notification asking confirmation.


Re-confirmations for Removal of Form Fields

Similarly re-confirmation messages will be generated from now onward when you delete existing form fields. This will prevent the data and custom settings you have in your form fields from getting deleted with a mouse click by mistake.


 Title & Description Change Notification

If a user forgets to give a custom title & description to a newly created form, further proceeding will be restricted and a notification will be generated to remind users of giving a suitable title & description.

titlle change notification


Changes Made To Form Display Settings

New Form Header Templates

Now you’ve got more predefined header templates containing useful images and creatively designed graphics.




Calendar Field In Clearer Design

Now filling a form would take minimum time. Calendar field in the form has come with easy date selection options and intuitive design to make form filling more fun for your users.


 Automatic Color Adjustability

Now selecting a custom form color template will also automatically fix the uploading color.


 Required Fields Notification With Icons

Improperly filled or vacant fields are now marked with required field notification icons. Earlier users had to figure out on their own to correct fields that resisted form submission. Specially in case of large forms a user had to manually figure out what are unprovided fields.

Now users will be automatically navigated to the required fields.


 Field Description Display Made Responsive

Earlier field descriptions did not adjust their view according to devices. But now they are made fully responsive to easily settle with height and width of small to large screen size devices.

responsive description

 Responsive Google Recaptcha Introduced

The size of the captcha we used wasn’t easily adjustable as per screen dimensions. So now we have integrated responsive Google captcha to enhance mobile device compatibility.