It feels amazing to see the growing demand of FormGet application. Our clients are enjoying using the FormGet features. It has lot more benefits to get, lot more things to explore.

That is why, more people are adopting the application. Buying the FormGet plan.

And now it has become simpler and easy to upgrade to FormGet PRO account where you will get multitude of features and lots of attribute.

You can purchase a access of FormGet Pro account using Stripe.


So, now be a FormGet Pro account member in just few seconds.

No complex checkout process. No hidden transaction cost. It’s completely your choice. You can either opt for PayPal or go for a stripe. Be a part of FormGet in simple steps.

You can use the stripe payment method in the following manner:

  • Go to FormGet Pricing page.


Note: You should be login to your FormGet account if you haven’t done yet.

FormGet login

  • Select any one of the FormGet  plan of your choice amongst the three available plans.


  • Click on Upgrade Now button.


  • Once you click on the Upgrade Now button, you will be redirected to the stripe_pay page. Here you will enter your credit card number and other details. And then click on CHECKOUT button.

Your payment is submitted in one simple steps. Will will get the further notification as shown in below image.


You will get the submission notification in your email account.

Benefits of Stripe Payment Process

  • Fast payment transaction module.
  • Securely transmits credit card details.
  • Securely transacts your payment.


The stripe is primarily meant for those who want to pay online through their credit card.

Providing ease of users is the prime need in our organization. No matter, at what platform or at what step, we need to provide ease to our users.

Though PayPal is an easy checkout process, but still if someone wants to go for another payment option, by just in a single step, then Stripe payment channel is best for them.