FormGet – Joomla Contact Form Plugin

This is our new plugin for J2.5/J3.x which give you ability to customize your contact form with few clicks and to integrate it on your Joomla website.

Step 1

Download our plugin and install it.

You can select the plugin.

download plugin

Click on Install.


Step 2

Enable the plugin before use.

enable plugin

Step 3

You can go to for customize your form.

customize form

Step 4

After customization go to your forms, pick exact form and go to “Embed” section.


From here you have few options:

4.1 – Use the script for “Tab view” of your form.

4.2 – Use the iframe code for embedding the form into your articles/contents.

4.3 – Use script for tab view + iframe code.

Step 4.1

Simply copy the code from and paste it above in text area.

copy code

Go to Details –> Create Form Builder –> Embed Code for Tab View and paste the code.


Step 4.2

Simply copy the code from and paste it into your article (*1).


Paste the code in HTML Source Editor.


Update it.


*1 – Here you should made a little modification of the Core Joomla Editor(TinyMCE).

Go to plugins-> Editor – TinyMCE and open it.


In the bottom you will find box with “Prohibited Elements” – just remove the iframe tag from this box and save.

Remove iframe