FormGet is upgrading with more new feature day by day. One of the latest feature is, creating a copy of a form in a single click.

Sometimes you wish to do few changes in your form but want to keep the original one also, so it is a best option to duplicate it first and modify the copied form not the original one.

You can create copy of your form in a single step.

Why To Make a copy of a form?

Well, here is the simple answer. Copying a form is like a backup plan for you. It’s helpful especially, when you have long and complex form which is having number of fields and lots of conditional logic applied.

If you have by mistake deleted the copied form on your dashboard, then you need not to mess up by creating the form again. Instead, use the original form. This will reduce time and make your work easy.

It’s very simple. Just look into the procedure below :

Steps to create duplicate copy of a form.

  • Login to your FormGet account.
  • There in the dashboard you will find the forms listed that you have created. Go to anyone of them, for which you wish to create a duplicate copy.


  • You will find the plus icon in the top of the form menu.


  • Click on it.
  • You will now be asked for a confirmation. Click on it to complete the process.


  • As soon as you click on the Duplicate Form option, a copy of another form will be created. It’s just done in a single click. You can see the example in the below screenshot.


This copy of the form will also contain the logics applied in the original form. But it won’t copy the messages and the pricing settings of the original form.

So login to your FormGet account and experience the feature now. Have a happy form building.