You have set up your website with all necessary features! And you are on a move to establish your business worldwide. But are you done with it! NO. You have lot to do more.

What if you want to make a connection with your users, to gain their feedback, to know their needs & demands, to ask their problems or anything you want.

Forms are the best solutions to interact with the users!

Recently, an application, FormGet, has been developed not only to build forms, but also to maintain the leads smartly! Its innovative features are extremely helpful to fulfill your business needs.

Lets see how FormGet application proves to be useful for your business website and business growth.

In the following post, I will discuss about the various aspects of FormGet’s performance and credentials. Firstly, you can have a look to the useful features that will boost up the growth of your organisation. Following are the points you can adopt.

How a Smart form building application can make your work Easier & Effective

Starting from creating the forms to capturing the leads and managing it, the workflow is simple and quick.

  • Inbuilt drag and drop system and one-click customization makes the form building task fun and cake-Walky. Insertion of Logos and other Branding elements.
  • Automatically- generated- form-Embed-codes makes the form embedding on the website very simple. It doesn’t ask any programming knowledge from the user’s side.
  • Tabulate data and record everything. Whether it’s a lead’s query or other details, everything is stored on one powerful dashboard. You need not to go here and there in search of your lead data.
  • Allows you to share your forms across various networks. Lets you to increase your form visibility & to increase your product and service awareness.
  • An easy set-up to eventually collect money via forms.

Above mentioned are the some important key-points that can be considered to use FormGet application. But, this is not the end.

How actually people are using FormGet’s forms is still more to discuss!

How people are using Forms to Leverage their Business

Here I just want to give a brief view of our real clients and their strategies of using forms for different purposes.

1#Collect Payment through forms

One of the best ways that people are using forms is collecting payments via it. For e.g. Top Gun hockey school of Florida has embedded registration form on their website. So, they used it to invite candidates for their school and simultaneously collect payment from it at the instant!

You can see the registration form here.

2# Generating leads from every page of their website

Other way is by using Tabbed forms like have used it. They are generating leads from every page on their website with the help of small tabbed form button.


3# Display Services

Digital Moz have created a nice, beautiful contact form for their website. In fact, they have shown their service offerings very clearly on it.

4# Embedding Contact Forms On Their Website

Just because of  single code, your form will be available on your website within few minutes. So, non-techy people do not have to fight with codes and programmes to create form. Just a code and half war is win!

Here you can have a look to few contact forms of our real clients.

Headsart studio

FormGet Possession

It’s almost 6 months have been completed and the application is gaining heights and fame. It has gone over various tweaks so that it can become a easy-to-use application for clients.

Till now 32000+ forms have been created by 27000+ registered users. On an average 300+ forms have been created per day.

For the plugin lovers, FormGet has taken care of your sentiments too! There has been a Contact form plugin powered by FormGet. Till now there has been 76000+ downloads with an average of 250+ downloads on average basis.

Why I am saying all this is, is not just about bragging around FormGet and hype it from all basis, but to tell the exact things about it. There are many other form building applications too on the net and seriously, they are very good, but what makes FormGet stand out amongst those applications is ultra ease-of-use feature.

Well, there are some renowable websites who have given their true opinion & about the FormGet cover some articles related to it. You can have a look to them.



FormGet Offerings

Taking care of the fund-limitations in start-up business, application’s price is kept minimum as $ 9.95/month.

In the plan, you can access every advance feature like – “managing multiple forms & it’s associated queries, customization in form styling; branding, adding agents. You can share forms. Collect payments via forms. Managing sales cycle.”

In addition, you can subscribe for the yearly subscription at the most profitable rate.  How? You can see the below equation.

$9.95*12 =  $119.4

$119.4 – 20% of  $119.4 = $95.66

The wholesome figure is $95.

So, you get unlimited features at a very comfortable price.


Whether it’s a startup venture or well established business, everyone owns websites & forms are the neediest elements! It includes lots of to-do-list tasks to perform. Tasks need to be done in a flow. It will become flowy, when it is centralize.

So, a powerful dashboard is sufficient to do all the tasks. It makes your “Form & lead management workflow” neat, clean, fast & centralize.

If I sum up the equation, it will be-

Dashboard (Managing forms + Managing leads + Efficiency) = Productivity

Moreover, with a few simple clicks you can have the greatest looking form to serve your websites and users who are going to connect to it. You can share those forms and increases global availability.

Brand customization + Style customization = Branded Forms

Branded Forms + Share Forms = Increase Business visibility & Reach

Increase product/service awareness + Gather more leads + Interact leads = Make sales deals.

What more you need for your organization growth?