If you are running an education academy or school, a product based company or related to a profession like doctor, lawyer then it’s obvious you are dealing a huge crowd around you. Isn’t it?

But, there are many challenges you have to face with these businesses-

  • You have to manage all your student records like personal information, fee deposit details etc if  you are running a large coaching institute.
  • You have to handle all your customer queries effectively and give a satisfactory feedback if you are running a product based company.
  • You may be a doctor or lawyer and facing issues like to schedule appointments with your large number of patients or customers.


I come up with an effective solution which helps you to minimize your workload and proved to be a help desk tool for you.

FormGet app is one of the most amazing app which is mainly built to provide benefit to it’s users. It comes up with various amazing features that minimize the above problems. Top 5 features of FormGet are listed below-

  • Manage all your forms at one single place i.e. Powerful FormGet Dashboard.
  • Embed your form to any page/post on your website using shortcode. Moreover, you can also share your Forms across various social network platforms by giving a direct link.
  • Inbuilt help desk support tool to know how to use FormGet as help desk to handle customer queries more effectively.
  • Delegates your task by assigning agents.
  • Forms can be easily translated into your desired language.

Adding up one more advance feature of FormGet in to the above list, I am going to explain you the same feature which is beneficial too in many perspective.

Searching & Filtering Feature 0f FormGet

Just imagine if you want to search a record of particular student out off entire list of 1000 students one by one, then how much it is tedious and time consuming for you.

But, FormGet brings up a solution where you just need to enter a first name or last name or full name of the student and the desired entry is filtered out from such a huge list.

You can easily search a record more quickly and access it for further process.

You can see the FormGet dashboard which is featured with inbuild searching capability.


Search by user identity

Now suppose you need to see the details of a particular user and you remember his/her name or email id then , you just need to place any of the user identity in the search box to get all of his/her entries.

Just enter the first name, last name or email id and go for a search. You can see in the below image, desired entry is filtered out in a second.


Similarly, you can use last name,email or any other identity that you remind for that particular user to filter out the entry.

Search by form field

Suppose you have a form that contains a drop down field with 3 to 4 categories in it, like , you have a form field “Appointment Time” with sub options as Morning appointment (10 A.M. to 12 Noon)Afternoon appointment (02 P.M. to 4 P.M.) and Evening Appointment (06 P.M. to 08 P.M.), then if you need to sort the form entries based upon this just put the form field name there as shown below.


FormGet makes your job easier and helps you to access the particular record within a few second. It’s not only a Form Builder in fact it is more than that.

I hope the shared information is very useful to you and you will definitely use this wonderful app and make things simpler for you. Share your thoughts about this one in the comment section. 🙂

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