Some of the basic attributes of your website’s form such as form’s CTA text, headlines, number of fields plays a major role in deciding the user’s behavior to fill the form.

Therefore, FormGet gives you a facility to customize your form headline, CTA text, so that you can vary these elements of your form, analyze user behavior and make your form a winning form of your site.


In this short tutorial, I am going to explain you, how to change the title and submit button text of the form which you have priorly created or you are going to build.

When you open up the FormGet app, you can see a form building dashboard  as given below.

Step 1 :



Now,  go to the topmost section of the form building dashboard, where you can see a default title as Untitled Form. This is the Title tab of the form.

Just click on it. You will see an editor will open up on the right hand side.

Step 2 :

edit button and title text formget



In the editor, you can do 4 main things, here I have explained the required three.

1. Form Title: This field is meant for changing the form heading.

edit form title

2. Description: This field is meant for changing the subject title of the form. Here, you can convey your viewers, what is the aim of your form and why they should fill it.

edit description text for form

3. Form Submit Button Text: In this field, you can name and rename your form CTA.

change submit button text of the form

Now click on to Next Step button to save the form in FormGet dashboard after that page will be redirected to form design page. There you can do the desired changes that you wish to do in your form regarding design. You can change the form header image and can change the form and it’s fields color and lots of more customizations. After that click on Save Changes button. You will now see FormGet dashboard.

Now to view the form click on View Form option provided in dashboard.


The form output will look like this

formget contact form



Now, if suppose you want to again change the button text or form heading, as it’s mostly required while doing A/B testing.

You can easily do it.

To give you an overview I have explained it here with the help of few steps.

Rename Your Form CTA, Title :

  • Firstly you need to go to your FormGet dashboard by logging in, where you can see a list of your forms.
  • Choose the form in which you wish to do the changes and click on Edit option.
  • Then click on Edit Form.


Change Form Title


  • You will now see the FormGet app page.
  • Now click on to the form title.
  • Change the form title and the submit button text from the editor according to you.

Change Form Title

  • After doing the certain changes , click on Next Step then to Save Changes.
  • Now click on to the View Form option.


You will see the changes in the form as shown below

formget contact form view



FormGet allows you to make the changes as per your requirement.

Testing  CTA of the form is very essential. You won’t believe it but it’s true that, CTA color, size and text decides the user behavior towards your form, they can either click on it or leave the form, if they feel uninterested.

In fact, Optimizely clearly suggest that form’s CTA is one of the main element among the three elements that needs to undergo A/B test.

Why not it will be?

Forms with interesting CTA can increase the Clickthrough rate by 90%. Don’t you think, it will automatically increase the conversion rate like never before.



This post is meant to acknowledge you how, important it is to customize the form CTA text, title and how you can easily do it on a FormGet application.