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Just Upload Your List And Sit Back To Get It Cleaned.

MailGet email list cleaning system provides you a hassle free means to clean your email list by nearly 99.00%. Once your email list is cleaned, you will be able to get all the list of active emails which enables you to make big business conversions.

MailGet list cleaning system verifies email addresses on several validations like:

  • Email Syntax Checker
  • MX Record Checker
  • MX Server Connection Checker
  • Email Greylisting Checker
  • Free Email Provider Checker
  • Disposable Email Provider Checker
  • Suppressed Email Checker
  • Role Email Checker
  • Duplicate Email Remover
  • Mailget Email List Cleaning


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    Why Use MailGet List Cleaning?

    MailGet list cleaning system helps you to get better business conversions by verifying your email list. As sending emails to addressee that are unverified will adversely affect your email as well website reputation. And in case you're using third part service for sending emails, then they might suspended your account as well.

    How exactly does MailGet list cleaning systems works?

    Its pretty simple to get your email list cleaned with MailGet. Just purchase your plan, upload you email list and then the cleaned list will be sent to your email. You can then download the clean list and can start sending emails.

    How much time it will take for cleaning email lists?

    The cleaning time depends upon the email list size. But in general, you will be able to download the clean list within 24-48 hours.

    In which format I need to upload the email list?

    You will need to upload the email list in either a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.

    Will my email credits retained for future cleaning if I do not use the entire quantity as per my purchased plan?

    No, we expect you to use the whole email credit at one time only. So please make sure to order to the size of your list only with each job request.

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