No Hosting, No Complicated SMTP Setup Required. Send Bulk Emails via MailGet Bolt Quickly and Easily. HAVE A LOOK INSIDE



All MailGet features are below. Just click on your favorite feature to know more about it.

Drag Drop Email Builder

Quickly Create emails with in-built email builder


Automatically deliver emails on pre-set schedule to engage your subscribers.

List Management

Easily manage your subscribers list at one place.

Import Emails

Easily import emails to your list within MailGet.

Email List Cleaning

Clean your email list to remove bad emails before sending emails.

2X Open Rate

Double your email open rate with auto followup tool.

4X Lead Capture

Capture more email leads with in-built lead capture tool.

Email Tracking

Track email clicks and opens easily for all your campaigns.

Subscription Forms

Easily add subscription form to your website to capture leads from website.

Used and Trusted by OVER 1,200+ Companies

MailGet is used by thousands of companies across every industry and verticals. user-trust

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With MailGet Unique Auto-Followup Tool, Your Campaigns will be sent to Non-Opens Automatically Based On Your Schedule. You gain atleast 50% better opens with Auto follow ups inside MailGet. smtp-services



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Send Unlimited Emails To 10,000 Subscribers


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Send Unlimited Emails To 15,000 Subscribers


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Send Unlimited Emails To 25,000 Subscribers

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What is MailGet Bolt?

MailGet Bolt is a bulk email marketing service for sending emails to your subscribers. With MailGet Bolt, you do not need to connect any external SMTP service for sending emails. Email sending is quick, easy and cheap with MailGet Bolt as you can create newsletters and send to your audience right away while getting the best inbox deliverability rate.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes it is. We guide you at each and every step of the process and you can easily get your campaign ready within minutes. Our users on an average take not more than 10 minutes to setup their campaign via this online tool.

Is it reliable?

With MailGet Bolt you are going to get the best deliverability rates. MailGet Bolt fully supports Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF), giving you double assurance about the authenticity of your emails and gives you the best deliverability possible.

Do I need a server?

MailGet Bolt is fully hosted application and you don't have to worry about any external setup. So you can start building and sending your emails right away.

What kind of email deliverability can I expect ?

MailGet Bolt runs on top of the worlds best email infrastructure to allow you the best possible inbox deliverability (High Inboxing). That being said, we don't allow any spammers in our system. If you here for the purpose of sending unsolicited emailing, stay away from the application.

MailGet Bolt allows solicited emailing and we can ensure the best deliverability for that.

What's your sending policy ?

MailGet Bolt allows solicited emailing only. If you are here with the purpose of spamming or sending unsolicited emailing better to stay away from the platform. We strictly follow the CASL laws and do not allow unsolicited emailing on our platform.