MailGet renders you with the exceptional feature of connecting multiple SMTP like SparkPost, ElasticEmail, SMTP2Go, SendPulse SendInBlue, SendGrid, SendPulse, Amazon SES etc. so that you can send a large volume of emails with a single account.

Here, in this documentation you can find out how exactly you can connect MailGet SMTP with your existing MailGet account or, with some other email marketing application for sending bulk emails –

Step:1 – Login to your MailGet account and go to “Settings” option.

To connect MailGet SMTP, you will first have to login to your MailGet account and then click on “Settings”. Now, proceed to “MailGet SMTP” option and select “Connect MailGet SMTP”.


Step:2 – Select any MailGet SMTP plan as per your email sending requirement.

Once you click on the “Connect MailGet SMTP” button then a screen will appear as shown in the below screenshot where all the MailGet SMTP plans will be displayed.


You can then, select the required plan as per your need and proceed for the payment as shown below –



Note: Initially you will be allowed to send 2000 emails only via MailGet SMTP. Once you’re done with sending 2000 emails, we will then review your email campaign stats and will update your email sending limit accordingly as per your purchased MailGet SMTP plan.

Step:3 – Verify your sender email address, once the payment has been processed.

Once you are done with the payment, you will have to verify the sender email address through which you will be sending emails. Further, here you can also verify other sender email addresses as per your wish.


You will have to first add your sender email address and then get it verified. For adding the email address, just click on “Add Sending Email” button and it will take you to the page where you can add the email. After this, you will receive the verification email from MailGet.


Once you confirm that verification email then, your sender email address will get verified and it will be shown like the way it is shown in the below image –


Step:4Generate SMTP credentials.

As soon as you have verified your sending email address then either click on “Go To MailGet SMTP” or on “Connect MailGet SMTP” option. From there you will get the MailGet SMTP credentials.


When you will click on “Generate SMTP Detail”, then you will get the credentials of your MailGet SMTP as shown below –


Now, to connect your MailGet account with the MailGet SMTP, you can go to “Connect To MailGet” option.


Once you click on that button, then you will get the following popup message will be shown, as you can see in the following image –


Further, you can cross check by going to “Other SMTP” option. For reference, kindly check the below image –


In case, if you want to integrate MailGet SMTP with some other email marketing application then, you use the above MailGet SMTP credentials.

Therefore, you can follow the above procedure for connecting MailGet SMTP and in case if you face any trouble or need any help then you can contact us, as we’ll be glad to assist you.