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Advertise For Medical Marijuana Dispensary By Sending Knowledgeable and Educating Emails In Bulk Via Email Marketing Software

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The purpose of having a Marijuana clinic is to serve the maximum people and make them healthy through the medical knowledge and practice. Now it’s time to get into clients’ head through email marketing.

Here we brings you a product MailGet Bolt, email marketing software for medical marijuana.

Now it’s time to do the advertisement for cannabis clinic through sending the emails and let make them aware of benefits having treatment of marijuana and its product.

MailGet Bolt consists of top-class features for helping you to propagate flagship of the herbal clinic so far.

Composed Email To Ignite Awareness And Benefits Of Marijuana Treatment

Drag and Drop Email Builder: Create green looking templates just like herb’s color using our handy tool drag and drop email builder. One only need to pick & drop method to create the fascinating template.

Custom Code Editor: Create a fully customized email for alerting the people about the treatment with marijuana and its product. To play with this tool you must be technical sound in HTML & in CSS. or one can simply copy-paste the source code.

Basic Text Editor: Composed fully text oriented emails giving brief details about the treatment and available discounts in your clinic for the patients.  

Shape Your Campaign According To Your Clinical Events For Clients.

Regular Campaign: Send emails to patients consisting of tips, do’s & don’ts while during the treatment duration. Emails under regular campaign are sent at the same instant of clicking ‘send’ button.

Drip Campaign:  Let never to miss an event of marijuana dispensary by any of your patients. This campaign allows you to send emails on scheduled date and time. Emails get automatically triggered when the times comes.

Maintain Good Relation With Your Clients By Giving Personal Touch

By using personalized tag,  one can mention names of the contact person in the emails while sending in bulk by simply using {First name}, {Last name} & {name} at the place where to mention the name. By doing so, your promotional email will have the greater chance of getting noticed.

Organized Your Contacts For Ease Of Selecting The Audience

Through our subscriber segmentation, you can organize your cannabis clinic’s clients and contact list to target them properly according to your need. A well-organised contact list is so important in doing proper marketing.

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