FormGet Update Feature Image

We have launched the new backend UI of FormGet.

If you haven’t seen it yet make sure to log in to your FormGet account to see the new changes.

The Form Builder, Designer, and the Settings Panel is much cleaner now. Also, we have simplified setting up various capabilities on the form.

It is much better in terms of usability and you will love to create forms using the new FormGet interface.

I am sharing the screenshots of the new interface here as well (click to enlarge).

1. Form Builder is much cleaner now.

Form Builder


2. Form Design Panel simplified

Form Design Panel Simplified

3. Final Form Layout

Final Form Layout

4. Form Entries Dashboard. All the form entries can be seen here.

Form Entries Dashboard

5. On Clicking the form entry. A popup opens up with the submission details. You can reply from within the same interface.

On Clicking The Form Entry

We are in the process of adding new form layout templates which are slated to be released soon. I will keep you updated on that.