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Super Affordable Email Marketing.

Sending Emails with MailGet is a lot affordable than any other email marketing software out there.


Drag & Drop Email Builder

Quickly Create emails with in-built email builder

List Cleaning

Clean your email list to remove bad emails before sending emails.

List Management

Easily manage all your subscribers at one place.

Enhance Lead Capture

Capture more email leads with in-built lead capture tool.

Subscription Forms

Easily add subscription form to your website to capture leads from website.


Automatically send welcome email when a new subscriber joins your email list.

Import Emails

Easily import emails to your list within MailGet.

Add Multiple SMTPs

Get better inbox placements by sending emails through multiple email delivery vendors.

2X Open Rate

Send automatic follow-up email to non-opens.

Email Tracking

Track email clicks and opens easily for all your campaigns.

Drip Automation

Automatically deliver emails on pre-set schedule to engage your subscribers.

SMTP Routing

Send your emails via multiple SMTPs to achieve best inbox deliverability.


Pricing that pays for itself with one sales that happens through email marketing.

Billed Monthly
Billed Yearly (Get 20% Off)


Send Emails To 5000 Subscribers

$5/ Month

  • Email Builder
  • 10 Monthly Campaigns
  • Connect upto 1 SMTP
  • SMTP Routing
  • Automatic Followups
  • Live Chat Support
  • MX List Cleaning


Send Emails To 25,000 Subscribers

$29/ Month

  • Email Builder
  • Unlimited Monthly Campaigns
  • Connect upto 3 SMTP's
  • SMTP Routing
  • Automatic Followups
  • Live Chat Support
  • MX List Cleaning​


Send Emails To 50,000 Subscribers

$49/ Month

  • Email Builder
  • Unlimited Monthly Campaigns
  • Connect Unlimited SMTP's
  • SMTP Routing
  • Automatic Followups
  • Live Chat Support
  • MX List Cleaning


Send Emails To

$79/ Month

  • Email Builder
  • Unlimited Monthly Campaigns
  • Connect Unlimited SMTP's
  • SMTP Routing
  • Automatic Followups
  • Live Chat Support
  • MX List Cleaning


MailGet is the only tool that automatically handle bounces and spam complaints for all popular SMTP’s. This means if an email bounces once, no further emails will be sent ever again through any SMTP to that email address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers

MailGet is an email marketing software that enables you to connect multiple external SMTP or email vendors for sending emails. You can send emails to reach your prospective customers via Amazon SES and many other SMTPs. 

MailGet is a affordable compared to other mailing services without compromising on email delivery. MailGet manages all your subscribers list, comes with a drag drop email builder and allows you to setup lots of automation rules for sending emails. It is a perfect solution to manage your entire email marketing.

MailGet is a lot affordable than any other email marketing service. We charge a flat fee of $29 for sending unlimited emails to 25,000 subscribers, $49 for 50,000 subscribers and $79 for 100,000 subscribers. You can send unlimited emails with MailGet on any plan. External SMTP’s like Amazon SES costs $1 per 10,000 emails sent.

With Amazon SES, you are going to get the best deliverability rates. We send emails directly using your Amazon SES or any other SMTP account. We fully supports Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) keys, giving you double assurance about your email deliverability. 

With MailGet, you also get the flexibility to experiment with multiple email vendors and can achieve the best email delivery possible.

Amazon SES or any SMTP service impose a limit when your start up to protect their sending reputation. The process can vary for different providers. Generally, you request a limit increase after sending first few campaigns. If your Amazon SES account is in Sandbox mode, then you need to send a request to increase your email sending limit before sending your first campaign. Once your email sending limit is increased, you will be able to send 50,000 emails per day and more.

MailGet connects with 50+ SMTP services and external email vendors including Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, Google Suite etc. 

You can always ask our support for any questions related to SMTP connectivity with MailGet. We will be happy to do the entire SMTP setup for you. We will try to make sure that you can send your email campaigns as soon as possible with MailGet.

Yes it is. We guide you at each and every step of the process and you can easily get your campaign ready within minutes. Our users on an average take not more than 10 minutes to setup their campaign and send emails to their audience. 

We can also do the entire SMTP setup at our end, if that is a challenge for you. Get in touch with our live support for any question regarding setup.

MailGet is fully hosted application on Amazon AWS Cloud servers. You do not need to install or setup anything at your end. You just need to signup and connect your SMTP account with MailGet. You can than start to send emails right away. No hassles of any setup, it’s a ready to go email marketing software backed by amazing customer support.

Yes, you can import emails from a different provider to MailGet without any issues. Make sure that you also import the email list who have unsubscribed, spam marked or bounced. Add those emails to the MailGet suspended list to make sure that your emails are not sent to those users again. This will make sure that your email sending reputation remains in good position.

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