An auto reply is an amazing feature that is built inside FormGet.

Canned replies are the pre-built canned response templates use to send automatic replies to the similar kind of queries and form entries.

For example,

If you are working in a company and get lots of customer questions and queries of the same type.


Instead of replying all the customers individually, you can use our automatic reply feature i.e. Canned Responses to give an instant reply to the customers in a very less time.

Take a look at some canned reply templates:

  • Thank you for submitting your details, we’ll get back to you.
  • Your query has been resolved. Feel free to ask for further doubts and queries.
  • Your registration has completed. Follow the link for next step.

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Benefits Of  Autoresponse Using FormGet:

  • Time Saving: It saves the time of customer as well as your employees as you don’t have to write similar responses again and again.
  • Increase Reliability: Customer gets a reply to their questions quickly.
  • Increase Response Time: As customer get replies to their queries instantly & stay connected for a long time with us. Hence, increases the response time with a great percentage.
  • Define Custom Canned Replies: FormGet gives you the freedom to define your own Automated Replies and use them in future whenever required.

You can find the canned response, along with other features of team members, notes, helpdesk under the team management extension.

In this way, the autoresponder tool of our form builder allows to make the automated reply to your customers and save the time of both employees as well as customers.

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