Form Validation can be defined as the ability to check the validity of the data  at the same time when a user is submitting a form.

Following are some examples for you to understand it:

  • If a user has entered an invalid value for any field, say, incorrect email, then the form validation will check for email address validation and form will not be successfully submitted.
  • Let say, you’ve a validation on character limit of 1000 characters for a message field, then the form will not accept characters above that.
  • You can make any field required, i.e, it is compulsory to fill that field else the form will not be submitted.

Instead, the user will be asked to make changes to the particular field(s).

This will help you to collect and manage useful entries via forms and validate form on submit. It will save you from the filtering the data collected in your dashboard manually.

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Form validator feature is inbuilt in FormGet which offers various kind of validation types. Some of them are:

  • Email Validation
  • Limit input to specific information
  • Can mark the field as required
  • Form Captcha Validation

You can also restrict a user from using an input field on the basis of actions performed by him in the previous fields.