By integrating the Google Analytics with FormGet, you can easily collect user’s data and track form visits & leads conversion.

While developing the forms, you should be aware of your form’s stats with relevant questions like:

  • How many people are visiting your forms?
  • How long they are staying at your forms?
  • How many people are leaving the website immediately?
  • How many pages they’re visiting in a session?


FormGet Forms allows you to track all these stats & data by Google analytics integration.

You just need to feed Google Analytics Id and start tracking the results of your forms via Google Analytics Extension.

Google analytics-track who visit your forms and more..

Benefits Of Analysis & Tracking With FormGet:

  • Tracking forms help you to analyze the on page behaviour of visitors on your form.
  • You can track the location and number of sessions rate increases in your forms.
  • You can also get to know for which browser your forms are more optimized.

By tracking & analysis these stats, you will be able to know whether your form is substantial enough for your business or not.