MailGet Bolt – Agriculture Equipment Sales Email Marketing Service For Farm Machines & Tools

Agricultural Machinery & Farming Tools & Machine Seller Can Promote Agriculture Equipment Using Email Marketing Software

Agriculture Equipment Sales Email Marketing Service For Farm Machines & Tools

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As the technology is growing the farming technique is also increasing, but due to lack of knowledge of tools and machines, Many farmers are upset.

If you are a supplier of agro tool and want to help farmers from all over the world, then this email marketing service for agriculture equipment sales is just for you.

Flow proper knowledge of agronomy to the farmers by sending tons of emails and templates via MailGet Bolt – email marketing software. This service is cost effective and responsive, which will increase the machinery sales as well as satisfaction to farmers.

Increase Sales Of Agricultural Equipment Via Campaigns

Got new agriculture equipment like farm tractors, pipes, seeding machine, grain processing machine, fertilizer machinery, tiller etc.? Advertise them using two amazing campaigns of MailGet Bolt.

  • Regular Campaign: – This email builder helps you to send email instantly at one time. Let farmers know benefits of using various machinery for their farms. You can also provide knowledge regarding perfect farming methods and techniques.
  • Drip campaign: – In this feature, you can set the time and date to the pre-written emails and send those email according to the schedule. This is one of the top most effective features which will keep the customer engaged in the service.

Provide Knowledge, Tips And Discount On Farming Tools Using Email Templates

The email newsletter will be an interesting way to attract the customer. You can provide information regarding tools and machines, discount on machinery, tips and tricks to use machines, etc.

By using drag and drop email builder design remarkable emails layouts, just drag the options like heading, text, social icons, button and drop into the layout design area. If you are good enough in HTML & CSS make personalize coded template for the agro tools customers or future customer by custom code editor.

Some More Important Feature Will Help Your Customer More

  • Contact Management: – Add contacts of agricultural machine customers manually or simply by uploading CSV file which contains name and address of the client. If you are not satisfied with the contacts you can insert sign-up form in social sites, websites, blogs, etc. it will automatically boost your list via subscription form.
  • Set Autoresponder: –  Hit your customers mailbox every hour, every day, every week, once the customer fills the sign-up form, pre-written series of mail will be automatically reached to agro machinery current or future purchase.
  • Personalized tags: –   Through this feature insert name of the individual customer in the email it will not only increase open rate but your emails will get more importance.  

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and start promoting agriculture machinery with the best and top class email marketing software.

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