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Get Yourself Renowned Via Email Marketing Software And Send Artificial Plants Emails To Your Customers.

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Owning a business of fictitious flowers is a great way to make someone’s house decoration beautiful and gain their trust by rendering your assistances to them.

But don’t hold yourself back because of small coverage, get yourself renowned via email marketing software to show your skills and flaunt the firm globally.

Ever Thought How You Are Going To Promote Your Bogus Plant Sales?

We are introducing you with MailGet Bolt, as it is a responsive & cost-effective email marketing strategy with which you can send promotional emails to your prospective clients.

MailGet Bolt can be used by all the agencies, firms and business owners dealing in artificial plant sales.

Drop Artificial Plant Promotional Emails In Your Customer’s Inbox:

Emails in regards to the artificial plant will help you gain notability among the legitimate owners. MailGet Bolt provides you with 3 main email building tool under 2 email campaign, with which you can create amazing and eye-catching emails. They are as following:

Drag & drop email builder

Send emails with heading, subheading & text in respect to the artificial plants.

Custom code editor

Create custom code HTML emails or can copy the code from the outer source too.

Basic text editor

Send formally written emails with this tool as it simple to write & easy to understand.

Don’t Want To Go Over Office Time?

Drip Campaign Will Help You Out.

Run email campaign of the artificial plant under 2 main campaigns i.e. Regular and drip.

The regular campaign is for sending emails in one go. But drip campaign is one of the best traits of MailGet Bolt, it allows you to send emails accordingly just by setting time, date, email and drip will take care of the rest.

The 1st email will drop on time, the 2nd email will drop on another time. All the things will be set by your choice.

Maintain Artificial Plant Sales Contact List Easily:

Contact list in MailGet Bolt will give you all convenience to arrange the contact email Id of artificial plants in it. You can also upload a CSV file and save yourself from the workload. Following list is given by MailGet Bolt:

Suspended list

This list will have the Ids of those customers who have unsubscribed from your artificial plant selling firm.

Bounce email list

Those customers who are having invalid email Id will fall into this list.

Spam/Complaint list

Those customers who have chosen to keep your advertising email in their spam folder will get listed here.

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