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The sign boards and the billboards play an important role in the advertising world, when you travel from one place to another the billboards catches your immediate attention and you remember more than any other kind of advertising format.

The billboard constructors who are in the hunt of an online medium to explain their services and lure more customers to their business can do the needful through a bulk email sending software called as the MailGet Bolt.

Email Marketing For Billboard Advertisement

The email templates can be framed with the help of the various functions that are incorporated within the email software enable you to frame different formats of the mail.

The features of the software are precisely segmented and very user-friendly at the same time which creates various emails for you.

Features Of The MailGet Bolt :-

Create & Make The Most Out Of The Email Software :-

The email can be created through the exclusive software will be easier, the drag and drop builder will let you make an email, you just have to drag the entity from the field section and drop it into the content section.

There are other ways as well by which an email can be constructed and these are the basic text editor and custom code editor.

Include Contacts In The Form Of Mail Ids :-

The email ids can be incorporated in the contacts lists to whom you wish to dispatch the emails and make them aware of billboard services that you deal in.

There are lists which are visible in the “Contacts” which let the user know about the spammed, suspended and bounced users.

These are lists which will show that who has marked you as spammed, who has unsubscribed your emails and those whose contacts are not valid respectively.

Dispatch Automated Mails And Drips To Clients :-

The autoresponder is the function which can be used from the drips section which works well when a client fills the subscription form, at that time itself the mail will be automatically sent to the customer.

The drips can be used when bulk emails are required to be done at a specified time, the time slot at which the mail has to be delivered can be chosen from the section in which the needful date and time are selected.


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