MailGet Bolt – Directory Publishing Email Marketing Service For Publication Houses

Email Marketing Service Through Which You Can Regularly Share Pricing Plans Of Directory Publishing.

Directory Publishing Email Marketing Service

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Have you ever consider your email marketing strategies, how to promote your business, how to generate more revenue?

Here we offer you a premium email marketing service for directory publishing through which you can regularly share pricing plans of directory publishing.

With our MailGet Bolt email marketing software, you can send innovative and personalized emails in bulk to customers which generate more revenue.

So try our cost-effective email marketing tool.

Frame Attractive & Informative Emails

Emails provide the easiest way to communicate with the audience, it creates a communication bridge between you and your customers.

So this email marketing platform has multiple email builders which allow you to frame attractive emails which can be used to proliferate your business services.

Drag & Drop Builder

A drag n drop email builder is the easiest way to build attractive or multimedia emails, you need not to manipulate any single line of the technical coding.

Basic Text Editor

Just like Google and Yahoo, our email marketing tool also has a custom code editor through which you can frame text-only emails to update customers about the latest offers or discounts.

Custom Code Editor

If you have the knowledge of HTML coding then you can create your own email layouts by using HTML codes.

Create Directories Of Your Customers’ Contact

This e-message marketing software has multiple contact list builder which gives you the flexibility to create multiple directories of your customers’ contact in which you can register customers’ email id and name.

When contacts are in bulk, it becomes hard to manage all these contacts manually so our marketing tool is well-enough to manage all contact automatically. So that you can easily track the status of your customers’ contact.

Build Email Campaigns To Start Bulk Emailing

Create your own email sending campaign through email campaign builder and make your first step towards success.

A series of pre-designed emails can be dispatched at a regular interval by creating drip email sending campaign.

A predefined email will be sent to the subscriber automatically via autoresponder feature whenever they fill the subscription box.

By creating a regular campaign, you can send emails in bulk to customers. You can also set an auto follow-up message which can be used when someone missed to receive your email.


Directory Publishing Email Marketing Service

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