MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Aerobics Clubs & Group Fitness Centers

Via Email Marketing Software Send Aerobic Club Promotional Emails In Bulk To Your Potential Customers.

Email Marketing Service For Aerobics Clubs

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Nowadays people are beginning to care more about their health & they find exercise and aerobic dance to be a very worthwhile event to attend.

So if you are here and want to know the secret of promoting your aerobics club then first you need to know exactly how you are going to do that.

I am going to introduce you with MailGet Bolt, which is a responsive email marketing software that allows you to send fitness club promotional emails in bulk to your potential customers.

Who Can Use MailGet Bolt?

  • Fitness and health centers.
  • Aerobic clubs.
  • Sports and fitness centers.
  • And other health clubs.

Ready To Increase Your Fitness Center’s Sales And Profits?

Email marketing is a great way to evoke potential aerobic club members, that why they should be coming to your club. It is also an effective way to encourage prospective members that you are the right choice for them by sending them email templates featuring the fitness activities.  

Create Email Campaigns Related To Aerobic Club

MailGet Bolt allows you to create 2 different types of email campaign via which promote your aerobic club online. These campaigns are as follows:

  • Regular campaign
  • Drip campaign

Regular campaign: With this campaign, you can send Zumba club & other seasonal offer emails in one go.

Drip campaign: With this campaign, you get to send pre-scheduled emails by setting the date, time & email which you want to send and drip will take care of the rest. It is a very handy feature of MailGet Bolt that will take off your tension of sending aerobic club emails while you are doing some other work.

These following emails builders are present for the above 2 campaigns:

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Send colorful and top emails in regards to your aerobic clubs with the help of this email building tool which will eventually result in the open rate. MailGet Bolt turns out to be the best for these kinds of services. Also add images, heading & subheading to lure customers into your aerobic club.

Basic Text Editor

If you want to inform your aerobic customers about some new or urgent discounts or free coupons can send them emails with the help of basic text editor. As it is simple to write and easy to understand.

Custom Code Editor

For those people who are having a basic knowledge of HTML can easily use this email building tool. Use custom coded HTML emails or can also copy the code from the outer source too and send it your Zumba club customers.

How To Easily Build A List Of Aerobic Club Email Subscribers?

This email marketing service allows updating the contact list from time to time as well as can create as many lists as you want. Upload a CSV file to copy the customer’s email Id and bring it here. The following list will help you further differentiate the aerobic club customer among many other:

  • Suspended list.
  • Bounce email list.
  • Spam/complaint list.

You can also delete the customer’s email Id if they are not in use.

Email Marketing Service For Aerobics Clubs

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