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If you are running an art school which is not very popular among the crowd then surely you are using old methods of advertisements.

To expand your customer base, I am going to tell you the right method through which you can reach as many customers as you want.

MailGet Bolt is an email marketing service, where you can send bulk emails to your customers, it is very cost effective tool via which you can send all the desired information about your art institute to your clients.

Create Responsive Email Campaign For Your Art School

MailGet Bolt provides responsive email design which assures that the content of your art school will get displayed on any screen or device which is used by the user. You can make people aware of your art school through two campaigns which are as follows-

Regular Campaign

Drip Campaign

Regular Campaign- As the name itself specifies that regular campaign is used to send Emails in just one go.

Drip Campaign-This is one of the best features of MailGet Bolt that we have, it allows you to pre-schedule your Emails on the basis of regular intervals. It provides date and time facility as well, for instance, if you are busy in some other events so you can pre-plan your Emails.

Create Attention-Grabbing Emails For Your Art Institution

Basic text editor- MailGet Bolt provides this feature to send basic informative emails to customers in the text form which are easy to understand by each of your customers.

Custom code editor-This tool of MailGet Bolt is for those who have the basic HTML & CSS knowledge, you can also copy the source code of your desired template design and send it to your users.

Theme template-This feature of MailGet Bolt has a pre-built responsive template. All you have to do is select one of them, and drop them into your customer’s inbox.

Drag & drop email builder- MailGet Bolt is enabled with a drag & drop email builder which helps you to craft an attractive E-template of your art academy just by dragged and dropped the desired fields as per your requirement. You can add a heading, image of the institute and can also choose colors of the font as per your choice.

Manage Your Contact List With An Ease.

MailGet Bolt gives you an option to manage and create contacts in a systematic way, with MailGet Bolt you can also import your contacts using CSV file. It enables you to choose a list of valid email addresses of clients so that you can easily target your customers.

It also manages the suspended, bounce and spam/complaint list.

  • Suspended List-This list informs you about the Email Id’s of those customers who have unsubscribed your Email because of their personal reasons.
  • Bounce Emails List- This list contains those customer’s email Id’s who are having an invalid Email address.
  • Spam/Complaint List-The customers who are frustrated and don’t want to receive your emails can put your email Id in the spam list.

Interact With Customers By Using Personalized Tags

MailGet Bolt also provides personalized tag feature through which you can give a personal approach to your clients. By using personalized tag, you can get the attention of more users in a short period of time. As this will encourage them to go through the entire mail for the information in regards to the art school.

Availability Of Autoresponder Feature

MailGet Bolt provides autoresponder feature via which you can automatically give an instant reply to any customer’s Email. It also instinctively welcomes new subscribers which are added to your contact list.

Apart from sending bulk emails, MailGet Bolt enables you to track the sent emails by displaying rates of opened, clicked & unopened emails. This will give a clear picture of what works best for the customers & enables you to attract the potential clients that result in brand enhancement of your children art academy.

Email Marketing For An Art & Crafts Schools Sales

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