MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Art Bloggers & Artists

Email Marketing Service To Share Fine Art Tips And To Deliver The Latest Art Attack News Via Emails.

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing Service For Art Bloggers & Artists

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Artist is a person who converts his dreams on a piece of paper in the form of pictures and designs.

If you have an art blog and looking for a channel to promote your blogging services?

Then it’s a golden moment to make your art blog noticeable among the people by promoting yourself to the world.

Here we suggest you a powerful email marketing platform that allows you to send informative emails of your art blog in bulk to customers.

With our MailGet Bolt email marketing tool, you can share fine art tips and deliver the latest art attack news via emails.

So try our outstanding email marketing service and start marketing yourself.

Design Attractive Emails To Share Art Attack Tips & Artist’s Journal

Make the use of distinct email builders of this email marketing tool to create attractive and delightful emails of your art blog.

Basic Text Editor

By using basic text editor, you can frame text-only and informative emails of your art attack which can be used to promote your blogging service, share fine art attack tips, etc

Drag n Drop Builder

It is the easiest medium to create content-rich and multimedia blog email templates, all you have to do just drag the thing from the field section and drop it in the editor. You need not to touch any single line of the technical coding.

Custom Code Editor

Via custom code editor, you can design your own email templates by using HTML codes. You can also use the source code of pre-defined email templates to create emails. It is the quickest way to build emails.

Create Art Lovers’ Contact Database

This email marketing software offers has an inbuilt contact list builder module that allows you to build multiple contact lists in which you can manifest art lovers’ email id.

Also, this emails marketing tool is smart enough to manage all contact into automatically, it filters and sorts contacts into the respective field like bounced, spammed and suspended.

Start Sending Email By Creating Your Own Campaign

Our email marketing tools have two emails campaign builder (Regular & Drip) to create your own email sending campaign.

A Regular email campaign can be used to send emails in bulk to customers. One of the best features of this campaign is auto follow-up feature, it sends emails to the recipient whenever they missed your emails.

If you want to send a pre-written set of emails to customers at regular interval then the drip campaign is the best option for you. The timing of these e-messages will follow a predefined schedule.

An autoresponder is the best feature of drip email campaign, it automatically sends a pre-written email to the user mailbox whenever they fill the subscription form.

When the user fills the subscription form a pre-written email will be sent to the subscriber mailbox via autoresponder feature.


Email Marketing Service For Art Bloggers & Artists

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