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The market for story writers is crowded and aggressive due to enormous novels in the merchandise. You might not enjoy travelling and public speaking in order to promote your stories.It might be very difficult for you to bring more readers, specially if you’re just getting started.

We understand all you desire for extra fame, entertain readers, set your own schedule, want to have millions of fans, earn higher etc. If you wish to get all these then, Email Marketing is a good platform for all your obstacle.

E-marketing has been highly effective way to promote & provide a market for stories or novels by sending emails and templates to readers. And the most prominent email marketing tool is MailGet Bolt.

MailGet Bolt is a software by which you can send bulk emails & templates to your readers. It’s time saver, versatile, economical for all the story writers.

Send Emails To Readers Via Campaigns

Now let your readers know when are you publishing? About story, about characters, price of book or any other offer using “REGULAR AND DRIP CAMPAIGN” provided by our e-marketing tool.

  • Regular Email Campaign:- Send email immediately in a single click to communicate with readers instantly by sending emails.
  • Drip Email Campaign:- It uses to schedule date and time on emails which will automatically reach to your readers on specific date and time.

Make Magnificent Email Newsletters To Attract More Readers Towards Your novel

Showcase your work by using attractive layout design powered by MailGet Bolt.  Readers will remember your novel name by noticing template. The four elements of email builder are following:-

  • Drag And Drop Tools:- It helps to create charming layouts for any novels, just Drag your desired fields like Heading, Text, Images, Button and Drop it to template design area.
  • Basic Text Editor:- now educate readers about your novel,its characters and features just by sending a simple text email.
  • Custom Code Editor:- this builder is extra beneficial if you know how to use HTML and CSS to create your own customised template for your readers.
  • Theme Template :- Here we have 150+ pre designed layouts which can be use to make template for your readers.

Some Other Important Feature Will Help You Which Will Attract More Readers 

  • Create And Import Contacts:- You can create contacts manually and simply by uploading CSV file containing name and email address of readers.
  • Bounce And Subscriber Management:- MailGet stores all invalid email list and spam email list in bounced contact list so that email should not be send to that particular list
  • Auto Follow Up:- MailGet has got new feature which send automatic email to readers if they hadn’t open your email in first campaign.

So don’t wait and showcase your talent with Mailget Bolt which is the best and responsive email marketing service provider..

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Email Marketing Service For Story Writers

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