MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Builders & Property Constructors

An Advanced Email Marketing Software Which Will Act Like An Asset For Your Property Business

Email Marketing Service For Builders & Property Constructors

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Just like high-end construction demands, good quality building material, similarly effective marketing of constructed property requires advanced marketing tools.

If you are looking for an email marketing platform, then we have got a premium solution for you.

Email Marketing Service For Builders & Property Constructors is an advance marketing tool which is stuffed with all latest resources that will help your construction business grow locally and globally.

This Is A Premium Email Marketing Platform Which Is Cost Effective

With Email Marketing Service For Builders, you can give your construction business a proven marketing tool which will help you in online promotion of your constructed properties.

Now you can advertise different commercial as well as residential properties and attract more buyers by sending responsive emails to them.

Some Advance Features Of Email Marketing Service For Builders & Property Constructors

Contact Page

  • Import Bulk Email Contacts: – You can import a large number of email addresses from any CVS format file just by filling the name and email address fields, also you can add individual or single contacts.
  • List Management: – This is a powerful feature which allows you to separate contacts which are bad and remove those users who have unsubscribed for your mail from the contact list.
  • Add Subscription Form: – You can also add a subscription on your website which will be clubbed with this email marketing platform and you can collect client contacts from your website as well.
  • Effective Delivery: – Enhance your delivery and reduce the bounce rate by sending emails to those contacts who are active or really interest in your building offers and properties.

Conduct Email Campaigns To Grow Your Property Business

Regular Campaign: -Regular email campaign is very useful when you are in the need to start a property promotional campaign on the go. With this you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an attractive email carrying details about the property to be sold
  2. Add the email addresses of new, old and potential buyers to the contact list
  3. Start your campaign immediately.

Drip Campaign: -One of the major advantages of drip email marketing is that you are allowed to spend time scheduled emails to your property client. With this feature, you can automatically trigger a pre-drafted email at the fed date and time.

Track Your User Activities On Emails Sent 

Using this email marketing software you can measure you client actions on the emails sent including open rates, click rates, bounces and opt-outs or unsubscriptions. This is a premium facility which helps you to improve and increase your conversion rates.

Email Marketing Service For Builders & Property Constructors

Email Marketing Service For Builders & Property Constructors

  1. User-Friendly Dashboard
  2. Send Responsive Emails
  3. Powerful Reporting System
  4. Affordable Bulk Emailing Service
  5. Multiple Pricing Packages
  6. Easily Update Your Contact List
  7. Different Email Building Options
  8. Campaign Search Bar
  9. 99% Inbox Delivery
  10. Auto-Follow Up

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