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MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Churches

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Email Marketing Service Is The Best Mass Email Communication & Advertising Media To Keep People In Constant Contact With Your Church Body

Churches is the place of worship it is incomplete without the followers. This Email Marketing Tool lets priest send out weekly or monthly church news, updates & newsletter to the people via email. Non-profit organizations like this need a source for fundraising, helping hands and a foundation of followers. To join million peoples and hands for the strong foundation of the church you need to build a solid relation and communication.

Therefore email marketing Software is the best cost effective application that fulfills each and every necessity of the worship houses. Churches can create beautiful email templates to attract more members and donations to the organization OR sending daily bible quotes through emails is a great way to keep your community inspired the whole week.

Benefits Of A Segmented Email List For Churches

Sometimes having a website is not enough. You have to continue your efforts to keep people engage and informed about your website. But what do you do to gain visibility – post into your Facebook, & Twitter account? But wait are you reaching the targeted audiences because there is no such way to inform to your targeted audiences through these social media.

Therefore email marketing platform helps churches to maintain the email lists and organize that list to the desired categories. If your list is segmented you’ll be able to focus and send multiple emails keeping in mind the listwise choices, interest and disinterest.

You never know when your emails are read. So keep sending them in precise and with relevant information. Think about when your audience would have time to open and read your emails they will get your message instantly. Most emails are read within hours of being received, so no matter when they’re sent. Always test to find out what works best for you to communicate 🙂

Attract New Visitors & Donors To Your Churches With Just Emailing

Send regular appealing email templates to your parishioners informing them of any event or anything. Email templates can be another great advantage to the churches to get donations and members.

Suppose, your church recently had a Christmas celebrations. After the event, you can send emails to the guest who was there and also to the outsiders. You mail can be composed of inspiring images. People love to see their photos & videos, especially of individuals they know. Event images and pictures can also break up larger blocks of content and keep your subscribers reading for longer periods of time.

Your guest will be delighted with your Thank You emails & on the other hand outsiders will be attracted to visit the church and be the part of celebrations for the next time 🙂

Remind People Of An Upcoming Church Events & Programs

You can schedule your church campaigns weekly or monthly and set autoresponders for the same as well so that more people can come forward to join. Church owners can also always keep a track on their emails delivered so that they can resend & retry to convey their message through mail. With email autoresponders, you can send a series of automated emails. There is no limitation on the number of an autoresponder that you want to set up to get triggered.

Some examples of an automated mail series are –

  • “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it”
  • “5 Days Left For The Lord Jesus Celebrations & Prayers – come & be the part of it”

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Churches

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