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Corporate blogging is something more than the content writing. As a blogger, you are more responsible for boosting the web presence of your business than to just create content for it or for the product.

Is your corporate writing skills noteworthy, but still getting ignored by the clients?

Need not to be worry. After all we have an effective tool.

MailGet Bolt’, to expand your lace on internet through email marketing service. Our software is empowered by some advantageous features along with user-friendly interface.

Compose Corporate Sounding Emails Through Our Easily Handy Tools

Our email marketing software presents you four type of tools for transforming simple looking corporate email into more responsive and dynamic one. They are enumerated below.

  • Drag & Drop Email Builder : It allows you to create more chromatic and top emails despite from those long, boring only text corporate emails. Statics and graphs are more important in corporate blogging as they says a lot, so it can’t be ignored. They can easily  inserted using this feature. Emails with appealing template are the most responsive one.
  • Basic Text Editor : Whenever you want to send an email to notify or to update your contacts about any company news, just type and click on send button after choosing the contact list of your choice.
  • Custom Code Editor : A person with knowledge of HTML & CSS can code his own fully customized template according to his desire.
  • Theme templates : This feature gives you the choice among the wide range of free 100+ pre-designed themes. It’s more useful when you don’t have time to design your own template, so that you can focus on other activity too.

Plan Your Email To Land In Inbox On Appropriate Time

MailGet Bolt software provides two modes for campaign your corporate blogging emails, they are named below:

  • Regular Campaign :  Here you can immediately send your recently created email, without wasting time to your contacts so they get instant update about your corporate content.
  • Drip Campaign : Never hit your audience at odd time, that can be results in great clients loss. Play at a safe side by using our ‘Drip Campaign’, which allows you to deliver emails on pre-scheduled intervals of time, despite of your physical presence.

Have A Glance At Composed Emails Before Sending Them 

This email marketing for corporate bloggers facilitates you to preview your handcraft email before broadcasting it to the clients, as a little blunder can vigorously damage your best corporate writing skills.    

Trace Dispatched Emails To Upgrade Your Proficiency

Ever wondered, what happens to your dispatched emails that you crafted for your commercial clients.

Are they delivered or not?
Is your email, opened or not?
How many of them clicked on it?
And how many of them unsubscribed you?

These all questions are important, as they helps to know the performance of your campaign. Our email marketing software gives you the accurate stats for your sent emails.

Now, set yourself free to engage with other corporate activities, and let theMailGet Bolt work for you.

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