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Belly fat can only be reduced if the calories are burnt in proportion to the intake that you have, and to be in shape you really need to have controlled diet. Your daily diet should include more proteins and less fat.

And all these things are possible when you switch to a dietary food that will help you to reduce the weight and invite less health issues and for the business persons who prepare and sell such dietary food, email marketing will be an amazing tool to flourish their dietary food business.

All the dietary food and services that are provided by you can be shared on the respective email and will give customers a better idea of the variety that you provide in dietary food.

MailGet Bolt – an email marketing service will let you promote your food related business by directly inboxing the customers so that the moment they log into their account they will see your promotional email.

Enable Business Expansion Through Mails

The emails can be created in an attractive way with the help of multiple options that are available in the MailGet Bolt software like drag and drop email builder where the entities need to be selected from the field section and dropped into the content section.

Other options of making an amazing email are the basic text editor, custom code editor and theme template option, as the name suggests, the options can be used as basic email generator or through codes and pre-designed templates can be uploaded respectively.

Generate A Huge Customer List & Track Emails 

A contact list can be generated of the customers to whom the emails need to be sent, multiple contacts can be added to the list. The respective section depicts the spammed lists, suspended lists and bounce lists which keep you intimated as to whether a mail has been reached successfully or falling in one of the lists.

If there is a duplicate mail recipient that exists in the mailing list then that will be automatically be removed from it. At the time of sending emails, a specific list can be chosen among the various contact list that you have created.

Autoresponders, Drips & More For Dietary Food Suppliers

The most important function for which the software MailGet Bolt has been made is for sending emails and there are certain features that will help you manage the same. The autoresponder will be sent to the people as soon as they fill up the subscription form.

The “drips” is the feature in which all the emails can be sent to the people in bulk, the date and time at which user want to dispatch the email is selected. The “auto follow-up” function will be desirable when the mail recipients could not open the mail for any random reason. In that case, the mail can be again sent to the people, by picking the desired day on which it has to be delivered.


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