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Marketing is not a new thing for any profession or business. The matter is that – which marketing strategy delivers the best result.

If we talk about current market status for editors Email Marketing is best to reach wide range authors, writers, poets in effective cost.

To let your work spread globally we raised an advanced e-tool, MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Text & Copy Editors, which allow bulk email marketing to your clients, leads & prospects.

Email marketing with MailGet Bolt is simple after following few steps, you can manage your contacts, track your campaign emails and much more.

Create Attention Grabber Newsletters With Email Builder

Easy Drag & Drop – This feature will let you compose the emails quickly. The required element can be dragged and dropped in the email content area.

Social Icons – By inserting the social community icons you can propagate your message through various social media.

Call To Action – Direct your users to the web page directly through CTA which increase your website visibility & search engine rank.

Propagate Your Written, Visual & Audible Editing Work With Email Automation

Email automation helps you to send the required emails automatically. It includes 3 elements

Drip campaign
Auto Follow Up

Drip Campaign – This feature consent you to send the series of emails over fixed duration of times automatically.

Autoresponder – It send the automated welcome emails as soon as the new users register for your editorial updates.

Auto Follow Ups – It makes sure that every sent email should be marked as opened in order to achieve this it send the emails again to those who forget to open the message. This feature helps to increase the opening rates of your campaign.

Evaluate Your Marketing Strategies Of Your Editing Business

Evaluation helps to improve the filter the flaws which can be improved for the better result. The MailGet Bolt display that how many of your sent email has opened, unopened, clicked, etc.

The significant data can be utilized to focus on the potential clients.

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