MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Fast Food Restaurant

Email Marketing Service To Send Attractive Messages In Bulk To Customers.

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Fast Food Restaurant

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As we know fast food dishes are too much popular because it eliminates hunger quickly.

So if you have a fast food restaurant and looking for a medium to merchandise your business and build loyalty among the people?

Then you need a perfect service that promotes your restaurant publicity and nothing can beat the level of email marketing service to gather the attention of the audience.

Here we offer you an amazing email marketing service that helps you to speak directly to customers.

With our MailGet Bolt email marketing service, you can deliver interactive email of your food menu, dishes, etc. to the customers’ mailbox.

Marketing is essential in every field so promote your business by using our free and cost effective emailing service.

It’s time to scrutinize each feature of MailGet Bolt software.

Create Emails For Hunger Dine With Images & Other Features

This mailing service has multiple modules to frame multimedia messages.

  • Via Drag n Drop message builder, you can create beautiful and attractive emails of food dishes, new menus, service discounts, etc. Make your cook-up professional by creating content-rich emails. You just need to drag desired things from the field section and drop it in the content section.
  • Create text only messages via Basic Text Editor tool so that you can promote your restaurant services that help to increase customers’ attention.
  • If you have the knowledge of HTML coding then Custom Code Editor is the perfect tool to create attractive messages of your business. Also, you can build multimedia and content-rich messages by copying HTML coding of pre-defined email template and paste those codes in this editor.

Create Customers’ Contact Lists

With our premium email marketing tool, you can create multiple contact lists, and manage these lists with no sweat.

The ideal recipients of your contact list are maybe that persons who visit your website, people who live near your restaurant and your existing customers.

Suspended contact list contains those person contact who have unsubscribed your services.

Start Sending Emails In Bulk To Customers

This email marketing tool has two campaigns which are the best way to maintain the customer relationship.

  • Via Regular campaign, you can send emails to multiple contacts only for one time. It’s useful for sending emails in bulk to customers.
  • Drip Campaign is useful when you want to send emails at the regular time interval. A pre-written set of emails can be sent to customers and the timing of these emails are followed a created pre-schedule structure. This campaign can also be used with the subscription form.
  • An Autoresponder is the foundation feature of drip email marketing. It automatically responds and sends a pre-written set of messages whenever the person filled the subscription form.

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