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Email Marketing For Food Truck

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Ever wonder how your competitors are getting more notability than you?

A single question has been going on in your mind over and over again to gain that same amount of fame?

Then definitely you are looking for a way to do email marketing for food truck & restaurant business.

Am I right?

Obviously, I am that is why my team has created an amazing email marketing tool which is known as MailGet Bolt.

It is a premium and responsive marketing tool which will surely help you get more customers as you will be able to send emails in bulk.

Get Your Best Food Trucks, Customers To Stick Around Via Foody & Tasty Emails:

To create an effective email you are getting the two main email sending way.

Campaign Way-

  • Regular Campaign
  • Drip Campaign

Regular Campaign

You can use regular campaign when you want to send emails about your food stalls to contacts in your email list in one go.

Drip Campaign

You can use drip campaign when you want to send automated emails to your subscribers based on your pre-set schedule.

Now Let’s Have A Look At These Email Templates:

Drag And Drop Email Builder This is the most creative email builder as it allows you to add heading, text, image and many other things to make your email look admirable. You can also change the color of your text to catch your customer’s attention, along with your company’s name and its address.

Basic Text Editor- Via this you can send simple and easy email in regards of your food kiosk to your customers without any further ado, all you need is your client’s email Id and you are good to go.

Custom Code Editor- If you are having an information about coding you can use this email builder as well. Forward your mail using HTML code with inline CSS and reach yours in your customer’s inbox.

Theme Templates- Theme template is already done for you, all you have to do is select them and use them as they are easy to utilize.

Too Tired To Work?

No Issues!

Drip Campaign To The Rescue!

Keep customers interested with an Email follow-up sequence about food vendor truck.

Whenever you are too tired to work and don’t want to send mail by the clock by yourself, then drip is your savior. All you have to do is set the mail, time and date which you want to send to your customers and VOILA! You are done.

You can also create a new email if you don’t want to use the existing one. Emails will be sent according to your wish on a pre-schedule date & time. And your customers will automatically start getting your emails.

MailGet Bolt Online Contact Directory:

To send emails, no doubt you need email Id’s of your customers and to maintain them you need a contact list. This section will preserve your contacts in an innovative manner.

To add another contact you can also upload a CSV file which will get directly pile up in the contact list.

Often people does not want to get disturbed by marketing emails so what they do is unsubscribe the sender. Same will happen to you if your customer doesn’t wanna get bothered by you. They will unsubscribe you, and the Ids of these customers will automatically get listed on the suspended list.

Another list is the bounce list which will present those recipients who are using an invalid email Id, so whenever you send them a mail, it promptly got bounced up and will end up in this amazing list.

Last but not the least is the spam or complaint list, which will show the Ids of those who have decided to put you in the spam list. So that in future they will not receive any other emails.

Email Maintenance On The Dashboard:

This section will help you to keep your emails in a sequential manner. You can edit it, delete it or can even send it again to your other customers. Create a clone template of the existing one which will appear on the top of the dashboard. There is a search bar where you can type and search your particular mail which you have written in the past.

Email Marketing For Food Truck,

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