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A wedding is a very special occasion for every person, it’s an important and memorable event in one’s life and not only for the bride but for the groom too who wants to look charming and stunning.

The groom’s grooming is an artistic job which needs precision and attention and can only be done by a professional makeup artist and such artists if require acquainting everyone about their services and the offers.

Email Marketing For Groom MakeUp

The email marketing can be used to demonstrate their business amazingly and the template can be created with the help of a stupendous bulk mail sending tool MailGet Bolt.

The MailGet Bolt software is so developed that it will help you accumulate all the data under one room and eventually the user can make an amazing email template through it.

Features Of The MailGet Bolt :-

Make A Dazzling Mail Through MailGet Bolt :-

The email can be constructed through the drag and drop builder in which the entity can be dragged from the field section on the content section.

The basic text editor, custom code editor and theme template option can be used to construct the emails as well. The mail can include texts, images and multiple buttons to redirect.

Include Contacts Of Grooms In The Contacts Section :-

The contact lists of the customers can be created who wishes to get informed regarding the groom makeup kits and services, multiple contact lists can be created which can be segregated and chosen at the time dispatching a mail.

The spammed lists of the customers who has marked you as spam, the suspended lists, who has unsubscribed your mailing service and bounced list where the ids of the customers are not valid or do not exist can be seen on the contact list section.

Send Autoresponders And Drips To The Customers :-

One of the most productive features of the mailing tool is the autoresponder which basically sends an email to the customer as soon as the customer fills up the subscription form and submit it.

Another feature of the software is the drip, the bulk mail can be sent on the desired date and time chosen by the user from the “drips” section of the bulk email sending software.

Auto follows ups can be generated for the bunch of customers who has not read your mail due to some random reason, in such case you can resend the mail to the same customers on a specific day chosen.

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