MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Insurance

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MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Insurance

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Insurance sales agent or insurance companies what is the biggest challenge for you in the business? Is it, motivating more and more people to get insured?

Obviously yes, and do you get success every month to build an innovative business that delights your customers? No, then don’t worry and stop knocking on every door to explain people about their benefits in getting insured.

Rather, initiate with a smarter approach to reach people via Email Marketing. It is now the fastest, easiest and most commonly used communication tool by the insurance agents and companies. Send emails helping your customers ease their worries, save money and tips for taking care of their families.

Email are the best way to convey your message. It can be read by the people later when they want to. Earlier, insurance agents have to try hard to convey their message and to sell their policies. But now just an email can bring customers for you. Insurance companies can attract more clients by sending them Free Insurance Advice like on: personal insurance/home insurance/pet/car and travel insurance quotes.

Once your targeted audiences find your advice valuable they will always love to see your emails again:)

Email Templates An Innovative Approach To Quickly Sell Your Insurance Policies

Sometimes selling insurance is different from selling everything else. Especially new insurance agents find it extremely difficult to demonstrate the benefits of getting insured. To help you best I would like to recommend you to use email templates.

With email campaigns, insurance agents can personalize their customer relations. Also, you can design almost anything with these templates like give special offer or schemes, follow-up emails, member notices, customer service announcements, invitations and anything!

Examples of email templates:

  • Turn Your Everyday Shopping Into Cash Back Vouchers
  • Save $240 on Home Insurance!

Segment Your Contact List With Email List Management To Fasten Your Communication Process

Insurance agents and companies now get rid of your manual tactics to managed client’s data. With email marketing create thousands of mailing lists in no time and either import your existing subscribers automatically.

An insurance company can categorize their list according to: Health Insurance Clients/Life Insurance/Home Loans/Credit Card Clients and Travel Insurance etc.

The benefit of segmenting your contact list is you can shoot emails to the specific groups say – If you want to inform the latest amendments about life insurance schemes, you can draft an email to send it over to your all life insurance clients in minutes. It’s easy and simple.

Use Email Autoresponders To Gain An Additional Revenue Stream

Insurance agents can send a series emails to their subscribers. You can initiate repeat sales of your insurance policies due to constant communication with your clients. By using emails set on autopilot that communicates about your insurance company services, your clients will be reminded to review what they need from you on a regular basis, automatically.

So, this is the reason why nothing is better than an automated selling tool for your business!

Email autoresponders examples:

  • Great cover to help your family, from as little as £6 a month.
  • Home and contents insurance to suit your needs and your budget
  • Best Insurance Advice At No Cost To You

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MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Insurance

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