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If you are a life insurance agent or you own a life and health insurance company, then you must be aware of up’s and down’s in such a risky business.

No life insurance business can succeed without promotion and marketing and nowadays, doing marketing is one of the most costly things in the whole campaign.

Let us present you a cheaper email marketing tool MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Life Insurance Companies.

You can send thousands of email to customers and let them know about your life insurance policies with the help of MailGet Bolt.

Mailget Bolt has so many attractive features, that will save you time and attracts customers to your life insurance company.

Highlight Your Life Insurance Attributes By Building An Attractive Email Template:-

Email templates are the core component of your email, which will attract the customer. You can make an elaborate or simple email template with different types of email building option.

  • Build email by Drag & Drop Email Builder, this is a fancy email builder which uses image-text format to build an email. You can use this image-text format in different styles to showcase your email.
  • Basic Text Editor is as simple as its name, you can write formal and regular emails and send them to your clients.
  • Custom Code Editor is a coded version of basic text editor, you have to put an HTML code instead of content to write an email.
  • The other way of writing the email is Theme Templates. These are pre-designed templates give us. You can clone them and can make an extraordinary email template.

Schedule Your Life Insurance Emails By Drip Campaign:-

Now you can pre-plan your bulk emails to a certain time. This feature is best suited for life insurance companies because sometimes you don’t have much time to send an email because of your busy schedule.

Let’s say you are on vacation – then Drip Campaign will do its work. It’ll automatically send all pre-planned emails to the right person, at right time without any human interference.

Comfort Points:-

  • Never Miss Your Customers.
  • Saves Your Quality Time
  • Increase Customer Interaction
  • Boost In Promotions

Build Up A Strong Trust Of Health Insurance Customers By Using Personalized Tags:-

Let your customer feel that they are special for you just by adding personalized tags.

These tags are responsible for appearing your name in the subject of the email.

By adding personalize tags customer will feel pleasant and chances of reading the full email increases by 70%.  

Comfort Points:-

  • Increase Customer Conversion
  • Boost Open Up Rates
  • Increase Sale

MailGet Bolt has other important features such as:-

Email Tracking: – Know that customer opens your mail or not, who opened it, who unsubscribed it, everything will be on your homepage.

Auto Follow Up: – Give follow up to those people who are not opening your emails and let them inform about your life insurance policies by auto follow up email in just one click.

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