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Via MailGet Bolt, Send Bulk Of Emails In Different Types Of Format To Attract Clients.

Email Marketing For Matrimonial Services

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How about doing an online advertisement of your matrimonial service provider agency?

How about promoting your wedlock bureau organization?

Ever thought of doing all the above activities, but not finding a platform for it?

Not a problem, here we are providing you a stage for doing an online presentation of your business via MailGet Bolt Email Marketing, as it is a responsive tool which will help you in getting recognition among your customers.

Attractive Emails In Regards Of Matrimonial Services:

:-Types Of Email:-

Regular Campaign         Drip Campaign

As the name suggests REGULAR CAMPAIGN are those emails which you can send to your customers in one go.

In it, take advantage of DRAG & DROP EMAIL BUILDER with which you can create multiple colorful emails with heading, text, and images. Link them with your wedding assistance sites and grab your customer’s attention.

Other is the BASIC TEXT EDITOR that allows you to send simple text online messages. All you need is your customer’s email Id and then you are good to go.

CUSTOM CODE EDITOR is one of the other email building tools via which you can send custom coded HTML email template or you can even copy them from another source too.

Last but not the least, MailGet Bolt software has THEME TEMPLATES which are pre-built responsive and drag & drop compatible theme templates. All you have to do is select one of them, change them according to your wedlock services giver and drop them into your customer’s inbox.

DRIP CAMPAIGN, is also an amazing feature that provides all the above email building tool but the only different and unique trait which differentiate it from a regular campaign is the allowance of sending it according to your need. All you have to do is set the mail, time and date, drip campaign will take care of the rest.

Having A Lot Of Customers Email Id?

No Idea How To Arrange Them?

MailGet Bolt email marketing software is having a CONTACTS tab where you can add a new list of customers according to your perspective. It also informs you which of your customers have unsubscribed you, spam you etc with these 3 main lists.

They are as following:

  • Suspended List- This list informs you with the email Ids of those customers who have unsubscribed you for their personal reasons.
  • Bounce Emails List- This list contains those customer’s email Id who are having an invalid email address. So, whenever you sent them a promotional mail in regards to your wedding assistance provider it’ll get bounced up in this list.
  • Spam/Complaint List- Those customers Ids who have chosen to put your emails in their spam or complaint list will become a part of this lists.

Other Important Features Of MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Tool Are:

  • Search Box is present in the contacts list where you can search the contact by an email.
  • Dashboard, where you can go through all of your emails which you have created so far, as you can send them, edit them or can even make a clone of it before deleting it.
  • An Auto-Responder automatically returns with a prewritten message to your customers who submits their email to your matrimonial services provider site.

It is very helpful as its purpose is of responding to visitors comments and suggestions in a preliminary way.

Email Marketing For Matrimonial Services

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