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Numerous media channel has arisen till 2019 and much more yet to come…

Every media has to struggle a lot either it is online or offline and grabbing the every possible means to attract the visitors, viewers, listeners & readers.

So the question arises how can you keep your information media on the top….

I’m excited to share that the EMAIL MARKETING is still the king of the marketing field, which return best ROI and has perfect sales funnel for the prospects.

For this, you need an email marketing tool i.e MailGet Bolt,  a bulk email marketing software.

This email marketing software enables you to send the promotional email of your social media, print media in less than a penny… Which seems much cost effective and budget friendly.

It is integrated with the plenty of dynamic features which is designed to support and raise the business to media channels.

Compose Media Accessibility And Its Best Features Via Email Builder

Email builder avails you to stuff eye-grabbing images in the email content arena to compose multimedia template.

  • It has a drag & drop function which allow adding a necessary field from the predefined segment.
  • Project full details of online media through multiple alignment and combination of images & text.
  • Allow targeted audience to follow your online presence of the firm by sticking social icons.

Update Viewers/Readers/Listeners About Specific Program By Email Automation

MailGet Bolt has inbuilt automation system to promote information agencies. They are:-

Drip Campaign

  • It’s an automated process, which delivers the information at right time to the right prospects.
  • Designed to send the series of emails automatically at the desired time.
  • Utilised to sends the reminding update for subscription expiration or schedule of the premium show, etc.

Auto FollowUp

  • Work to enhance the opening rates of the electronic media promotional campaign.
  • In order to execute this, it resends the emails automatically who forget to open the emails.
  • This element assists you to make your business as a brand.


  • This feature immediately provides the information whenever users access it from the official blog.
  • Integrated with MailGet Bolt to start the conversation with the leads and afterwards provide the auto followUp.
  • It’s a tailored made program which feeds the online media subscribers with the information in needs.

Track & Evaluate The Journalism Campaign With Flexible Email Tracking

News printing agencies can adopt this tool for their newspaper & magazine endorsement supported by strategies evaluation.

All the stats appear on the system dashboard in an organised manner. It represents the total amount of emails has been sent, opened, bounced, clicked & unsubscribed. Which help you to refine your strategies and allow to focus on the interested leads.

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