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Medical training institutions and schools are organizations who produce trained doctors who perform life-saving actions using their knowledge.

In order to promote a medical training school one should have a premium marketing tool, and as we all know that emails are still an important means of talking to your people.  

So, we have got Email Marketing Service For Medical Training Schools that is armed with the latest feature through which you can design and send responsive emails to advertise your training school & its courses worldwide.

Top Class Features Of Email Marketing Service For Medical & Doctor Training School

Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

You can easily perform bulk email marketing of your medical school and promote its services to gather more & more students. This email marketing platform is equipped with following campaigning features: –

Using the Drip Campaign facility you can plan and pre-schedule emails campaigns. In this you just have to design an email, add the addresses of contacts and schedule the date & time, they will automatically get triggered.

The major advantage of this feature is that you can send emails at a time when the audience is most likely to get engaged.

Regular Campaign will be a great help at times when you want to start an email campaign immediately and send details about your medical courses & training through emails.

Different Email Builders To Choose From That Will Assist You In Designing Attractive & Attention-Grabbing Emails To Promote Your Medical Training School.

Drag & Drop: – This is a powerful email building tool to create attractive and responsive emails. Just select the desired fields to add, move, replace and feed the content like media and text in it. Save the template and you are ready to go.

Custom Code Editor: – This email building option allows you to feed customized HTML code inside your emails and give a personal touch to each mail. To develop these you need to have knowledge of HTML code.Through the personalized tags you can attach customer name and other details in each & every email.

Email Marketing Service For Medical & Doctor Training School

Affordable Price Packages: – We have got various packages at different price points which are much cheaper than other. You can opt for an email marketing plan according to the need of your institution.

Responsive Emails: – Emails delivered to the customers using this email marketing software are perfectly responsive. All the emails are highly reactive to the screen size of the device from where they are being accessed and change their appearance accordingly.

User-Friendly Dashboard: – This email marketing platform is very easy to us as all the features in it are very simple to access. You can monitor different campaigns and perform various other activities from the dash itself.

Auto Follow-Ups: – This is an exclusive feature which automatically sends follow-up emails to users who have not opened or accessed you emails till now.

Attach Subscription Form: – You can also combine this a subscription form with this email marketing tool. It will help you build a contact list and increase your popularity.

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Email Marketing Service For Medical & Doctor Training School Sales

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