MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Musical & Live Concerts

This Is A Powerful Email Marketing Software Which Will Help You Gather A Great Number Of Audience At Your Musical Concert

Email Marketing Service For Musical & Live Concerts

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Live concerts, musical events, stage shows and Outdoor performances are extremely difficult to handle. This kind of events need lots of attention to make them a grand success.

One of the main reason that lies behind the success of any live event is proper marketing and active promotion of it.

Therefore, we have got premium marketing solution that is MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Musical & Live Concert. This email marketing tool will take care of all your event advertising activities.

This email marketing software will be a great aid to event organizers, music concert planners, event advertisers and others who want to do promotion of their musical events.

Invest In This Simple, User-Friendly & Affordable Email Marketing Tool To Increase Number Of Audience And Have Successful Musical Concert

Special And Unique Features Of Email Marketing Service For Musical & Live Concert

Track Your Emails

Through this email marketing software, you can see different activities of the audience on your musical concert promotional emails. Actions like opened mails unsubscribe users, number of clicks on links and more.

Send Responsive Emails

Each & every mail sent using this email marketing tool to advertise your musical concert will be fully responsive. It will adjust to the screen size and will look attractive on the devices opened.

Attach Subscription Form

Using this feature you can attach the booking form, newsletter or the subscription letter placed on your music concert website with this email marketing tool. It will allow you to automatically send a preconstructed email to all new audience registrations.

Email Building Features That Email Marketing Service For Musical & Live Concert Offers

  • Drag & Drop: – Drag & drop email builder is the easiest way to build attractive and responsive emails with minimum computer or null coding knowledge  
  • Basic Text Editor: – If you need to send simple emails to the audience or other clients that do not require any special media content. Text email builder in the right option in that case.
  • Custom Code Editor: – Want to send personalized emails to promote your musical concert. With this tool, you can create emails which are fully customizable and carry hidden HTML code in it.

Conduct Effective Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns

Drip Campaign: – This is an effective means through which you can reach out audience of your musical concert and deliver them emails at times when they are most available and ready to read your mails.

Regular Campaign: – Smart and fastest way to start an email campaign with just a few steps like create email, add contact list, and commence sending. Regular campaign feature stands tall when you want to start an email campaign immediately.

Some Additional Amenities Of Email Marketing Service For Musical & Live Concert

-> 24*7 Live Customer Support

  • Live Chat
  • Skype
  • Email Support

-> Multiple Email Builders

  • Drag & Drop
  • Custom Code Editor
  • Theme Template

-> Responsive Email Service

-> 50+ Free Mobile Friendly Inbuilt Email Templates

-> Free Updates

-> User-Friendly Dashboard

-> Colorful Reporting

-> Allow Bulk Emailing

-> Cost Effective With Multiple Pricing Plans

-> 99% Inbox Delivery

-> Auto-Follow Up

-> Email Tracking Facility

-> Import Contact List

-> Inbuilt Search Bar

Email Marketing Service For Musical & Live Concerts

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