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Email Marketing For Non Vegetarians

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How to make sure your online menu is sleek and stylish….. How to make sure your non-vegetarian restaurant’s online appearance is an elegant one?

Why Worry Much?

Your answer is here. As we have the ultimate solution for your trouble. With the help of MailGet Bolt email marketing tool you can create as many email templates as you want and by sending them you can aware your customers about your non-veg selling joint.

It is a responsive service that will take all your non-veg eatery workload via email sending on itself and acts easily in a single click.

MailGet Bolt Comes With Email Campaigns To Promote Your Non Vegetarian Cafes

It gives you 2 main types of email sending tricks viz:

One, a regular campaign that allows you to send e-messages to contacts in your email in a single click & secondly drip campaign where you can send automated emails based on your timing & schedule.

Questions that must be raising in your mind – “How Are You Going To Do That?”

Well, let’s take a look.

Drag & Drop Email Builder

All About Fancy?

With this mail building tool, you can create an eye-catching email with a heading, text and image. You can further design it with text, content body & button colour, which will give a dramatic look to your nonveg cuisine.

One more thing is that you get to take a final look at your ready template before sending them to your customers.

Create a list of emails heading that you want to send. Some examples are as following:

  • Non-Veg Top Dishes Of The Week.
  • Discounts On Weekend.
  • What To Eat When You Visit Us.

Basic Text Editor

Being Simple Is Always The Best!

Send a simple and clear email with the help of basic text editor. Just prepare your mail, add your customer’s Id and VOILA! You are all set.

Custom Code Editor

Are You An Internet Savvy?

No problem amigos, we are also having a solution for that! You can use custom coded HTML mail template to create your own but you can also copy any template’s code from another source and send it to your customers.

Pre-built Templates

Aye, Aye! Too Lazy To Create Your Own Template….

Yes, we understand, thus introducing a pile of pre-built responsive templates and drag & drop compatible theme templates, which you can use to send directly to your customers.

Having Too Many Contacts?

It’s A-okay! We’ve got you covered.

Set all your customer’s email contacts in the contact tab of MailGet Bolt email marketing software. You can also get to see which of your customers have chosen not to get mail from you by unsubscribing your email marketing in the suspended list.

Sending e-messages in regards to your non-veg restaurants to those recipients who are having invalid email Id, they get automatically bounce and end up in your bounce email list

Spam/Complaint List will show you the contacts of those customers who have chosen to put your emails in the spam/complaint list.

Wanna Look At All Your Emails? No Big Issue

The dashboard is the place for you to have a look at all your new or previous e-messages which you have sent to your customers in regards to your non-veg restaurants. You can either edit it to pass it on to the other customers or can also delete it. Both the ways are good for you according to your need.

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Non Vegetarians Restaurant

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