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Email Marketing For Personal Trainers, Gym Trainers & Fitness Advisor

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Gone are the days where to promote any business, entrepreneurs rush for getting themselves or their business vision published in magazines, flyers or business card.

In today’s era the the world is moving fast so why aren’t you? Get new and innovative marketing techniques that would help you to Invest Less and get Higher Returns.

Gym trainer, personal trainer, manager, fitness instructor, adviser, counselor or coach can only raise their business only if they have an excellent marketing techniques. Gym owners or personal trainers networking should be very strong to gain more leads, customers, members and profits.

But you might be thinking that How can I strengthen my networking is it – through Promotions OR Heavy Advertisements.

Then of course not. You can promote, get leads, generate referrals and automate your business through – “Email Marketing”. Move to a smarter and affordable communication and advertising media.

What Benefit Will Gym Owner Get Implementing Email Marketing In Their Business –

Understand it by an Example

Suppose, If I am interested in joining any services and obviously I would go and inquire about all the packages that gym offers and come back home. Frankly no body book gym and trainer for a couple of months in first sight. I would rather come and see carefully the quotation paper offered in first meeting and then decide. If I understand or If I am satisfied I would Join BUT if its not satisfactory and some points are not clear I would never prefer to go again to inquire. AND THERE YOU LOOSE THE LEAD!

Now look how can you gain this going LEAD –

  • After an immediate meeting from the visitor, quickly take his email address(now that is just what you want to rock)
  • When he’s at home, start sending him beautiful email templates or emails containing(all info about your gym area, your best trainers, spa facility or diet experts tip, guaranteed weight loose or any tempting offers)
  • The movement he starts receiving mails I am sure he cannot escape anywhere without joining your fitness center.

Create newsletters and templates to motivate your customers never to quit –

Fitness trainers need to click on the desired fields of drag and drop email builder and create eye-grabbing email templates. As a personal or fitness advisor you can weekly send templates and newsletters to keep your members and participants active and informed all the time. Templates are super easy to construct where you can easily add content, edit content, or remove any part of the newsletter you wish to.

Template Illustrations –

  • Starting a Personal Training Business on a Budget
  • What Exercises Help Reduce Lower Back and Stomach Fat
  • Top Ten Nutrition Tips for Everyday Health

Keep secure and safe your clients contact details & be ensure of your mail being delivered to your member’s inbox-

Save and secure list of n numbers of clients or members emails address with their name in an organised form. You can even create different slots or category of your patients. After adding a huge contact list email List Cleaning feature of email marketing will help you remove bad and inactive email addresses. Through this your mails would have 99% delivery to the targeted recipients inbox without mail being trapped in spam and junk.

In short Email List Cleaning would work like –

  • Your MailGet(email marketing service) would check domain
  • Delete bounce, spam emails
  • Delete suspended emails OR remove duplicate emails

Automate your fitness center process – Send pre-scheduled series of mail

Email autoresponders works like having a team of sales representatives working for you 24/7. The email marketing automation features make it easier to connect with customers for specific reasons. Send them regular heath tips and build a friendly and close contact with your client.

Autoresponders Illustrations –

Send mails asking your clients about

  • Benefits of Drinking Some Water, Especially Before Meals
  • Health and Fitness Tips for Women
  • Don’t Fear Coffee
  • Don’t Overcook or Burn Your Meat

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

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