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Email Marketing For Fund Projects

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Funds can be allocated for either long term or short term purpose which is usually in the form of money.

Are you in the business of funding projects and looking for a way to do a proper marketing of it?

Are you helpless and looking for a good marketing tool?

Lucky for you!

You have landed on a right platform, as we are providing you a cost effective marketing tool known as MailGet Bolt.

MailGet Bolt comes with several email building tools via which you can create different types of emails.

Creating Emails On Fund Projects:

MailGet Bolt provides you with 4 main types of email building tool. They are as following:

  • Drag & drop email builder: As it allows you to create and send colorful and eye-catching emails that will enhance its appearance more. You can also add a link which will direct your customers to your desired webpage.
  • Basic text editor: Send text only emails of project funding and send it your potential customers.
  • Custom code editor: Paste the custom HTML code in the email and send it to your customers as you can also paste the code from outer source too.
  • Theme template: Pre-built templates for those who are not getting enough time for making one for their fund projects can easily choose among them and edit it according to their need.

Getting Late For A Party?
And Have To Send Emails At The Same Time?

No Problem,

Drip Campaign Will Help You Out!

The drip campaign is a communication strategy that sends a pre-written set of messages your prospects over time. With the help of it, you can schedule your fund projects emails on a specific date, time and send them to your potential customers. It is a perfect sales tool when you are out doing your household chores.

Manage Fund Project Subscriber’s List In Contact Tab:

MailGet Bolt allows you to arrange your contacts properly in the contact tab. As you can further differentiate them under some headings for future convenience.

Arrange the contacts by yourself and can also upload a CSV file for your easiness.

Besides creating a personalized directory, you are also getting 3 main types of a list which are as following:

  • Suspended list: Ids of those customers who have unsubscribed themselves from your services will fall into this list.
  • Bounce email list: Ids of those customers who are having an invalid email address will get listed here.
  • Spam/complaint list: Due to regular disturbances customers often feel irritated. So Ids of those customers who have enough of your fund projects advertising mail and choose to put your emails in their spam folder will enlist in this list.

Autoresponder – An Amazing Trait For Your Fundraising Projects:

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers email sent to it. They can be simple or complex or any offer listed message. So whenever any new clients subscribed to your project funding website you can also send them a welcome message via autoresponder.

Email Marketing For Fund Projects

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