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Everyone is using multiple platform to promote their services. As a Radio Jockey, you also might be using some platform to advertise your on-air shows.

What if we introduce a new channel to promote your creativity and talent which is also very result oriented and cost – effective? The answer of this question is:

MailGet Bolt – email marketing service for radio jockeys will give the power to analyze emails in real time and will help a radio jockey in defining their service area.

This email marketing tool is very easy to use and will fulfill a radio jockey’s prime objective of engaging auditors.

Design Attractive Template Of Shows And Music To Attract Audience

MailGet Bolt has got following traits to draw attention from your fans & followers:-

  • Drag And Drop:- With the help of this top feature a radio jockey can create fascinating emails for upcoming on-air shows in an effective and responsive way, i.e., the templates which are compatible on any device. You just need to drag the image, text and button from the field and drop it to the area as per your musical profession’s requirement.
  • Basic Text Editor:- A Radio Jockey can use this fundamental way of writing emails. This will help in writing a simple text email in order to update their audience regarding any upcoming event, music shows, talk shows, etc.
  • Custom Code Editor:- This trait is helpful for those who have sound knowledge of HTML and CSS. This custom code editor enables a radio jockey to copy the HTML and CSS code from any field and just paste it in the editor, this will take hardly few minutes.

Send Automated Emails To Potential And Existing Listeners

Through this email marketing software, a radio jockey can send invitation for any upcoming radio show:

  • Drip Campaign:- This campaign allows a radio jockey to impart information regarding any on-air show in a sequential manner at a predetermined time & set them free.
  • Autoresponder:-This feature allow a radio jockey to send automatic welcome emails to all the new subscribers.
  • Auto Follow Up:- It keeps a track of all the audience whether they have opened the email in the first go or not. It automatically sends the same email to those who didn’t opened in first go.

Play The Beats – Build The Connection With Audience

Don’t you feel a connection when someone calls by your name? Likewise, this tool allows you to personalize the emails. Developing a connection is the key to enhance your audience.

Sending emails to your potential clients is not sufficient for a successful radio career, until and unless they reach into their inboxes. This best email marketing tool promises a 99% inbox delivery rate.

Email Marketing Services For Radio Jockeys

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