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Merchants And Middlemen Can Now Earn A Sustainable Profit By Sending Mass Email Campaigns To Their Clients Via Email Marketing

Email Marketing For Resellers & Affiliate Marketers

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The dawn of internet era brought the ease of access and usability to everyone. This has caused many vendors and sellers like yourself to shift their business over to the online medium.

In spite of achieving higher exposure and advertisement for your products & brand, the only thing you are getting back is the disappointment.

I guess by now, you are willing to do anything to save your dying reselling business. But all I am saying is, try our new tool – email marketing for resellers.

This easy to use, cost-effective and multifunctional email marketing service is designed especially for desperate affiliate marketers like you as it ensures effective exhibition of your selling services, better brand reputation, and higher sales.

Promote Your Affiliate Business With Responsive Email Templates

No business can blossom without adequate promotional activities. You too might have tried to popularize your merchandise with old conventional means like newspaper ads, flyers, etc.

All these advertising campaigns would have cost you a fortune and in return gave you no desirable outcome.

The email templates for affiliates being responsive (meaning, it adapts according to readers’ device specifications) can help you create perfect credibility for your business. And, to save you the burden of designing an email, MailGet Bolt is blessed with easy drag & drop template builder.

Keep Track Of Your Reselling Trade’s E-Campaigns Via Email Tracking

Sometimes the marketing strategy may fail to work when we avoid monitoring it. Similarly, your reselling firm may face mental turmoil because of this situation and can get into great trouble.

To your rescue, MailGet Bolt allows you to keep track of all your email campaigns. This tracking enables us to watch all the opened, clicked and unsubscribed rate.

Now since you get to record all the above stats, you can quickly and easily devise a new marketing plan to increase the open & clicked rate, hence improving the chances of producing a prospective sale.

Vendors Can Earn The Loyalties Of Customers Through Personalized Drip Emails

Who doesn’t want to create a healthy, positive relationship with their clients? But, the problem arises in tempting and convincing customers to regularly purchase products from your reselling establishment.

With the help of drip email and autoresponders, you can send emails in bulk foster the client-manager bond that you were hoping for as this will help you to stay at the top of your customer’s mind.

To add more effectiveness in these features, you can give a personal touch by adding first/last name of recipients in all the emails with the help of few personalized tags like {firstname},{lastname}, etc.

Drip emails or auto follow-ups is managed by setting date and time rules. Through this, you can –

  • Send your company’s weekly newsletter.
  • Invite your regular clientele in future sales event.
  • Provide discount codes for customers on their 3 month anniversary.

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Give email marketing for affiliate marketers a try and watch your reselling business explode with success and profits.

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