MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Sand Clay Artists & Sand Sculptors

Dough Painters, Sand Castle Constructors, Sand Painters, & Other Clay Sculptures Can Use This Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Service For Sand Clay Artists

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The way you turn the sand into a masterpiece in the same way you can turn the prospects into regular customers by publicizing your art by email marketing.

Have you ever thought of getting famous by doing a proper advertising of your sand clay arts?

Obviously, u did, that is why you are present here.

As I am introducing you with the MailGet Bolt that is an email marketing service provider via which you can send the sand-clay promotional bulk emails to your top potential customers.

You Must Be Thinking What Is MailGet Bolt?

Well, it is an email marketing software with which you can send mass emails of your sand clay arts to reach the prospective customers via Amazon SES and other SMTPs. It has a very low price that comes with emails templates, campaigns etc.

Happy Customers Of Sand Art’s Will Refer Your Work To Others As Well

Make your customers happy by sending them eye-catching and worth reading content in your email. Be sure not to make your email lengthy, instead, they should be interesting, which will automatically increase the open rate of your sand art emails.

Further, you can send clay art emails in different types of formats such as:

  • Drag & drop email template: With this email building tool you can send your sand art emails to fill with images, text, and links too.
  • Basic text editor: Send formally written emails to your sand clay learning customers in a simple yet understandable way.
  • Custom code editor: This tool is for those guys who are having basic knowledge of HTML. They can send custom coded emails or can also copy the code from the outer source too.

Stay Connected With Sand Clay Art’s Interested Customers

With the presence of contact tab in the responsive MailGet Bolt, add your sand clay customer’s mail Id so that you can send them the promotional emails of sand clay. Differentiate the contacts according to the advertising strategy and send them clay art emails.

Below list is given by MailGet Bolt which are:

  • Suspended list.
  • Bounce email list.
  • Spam/complaint list.

Writing Subject Lines That Get Your Sand Art Emails Opened

Track those best emails which you have already sent to your customers in regards to your sand arts. See all the stats of sent, opened, block and suspended emails in front of them on the dashboard. This will let you know how your sand art emails are impacting on your website and business.

Email Marketing Service For Sand Clay Artists

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